Prevent No Shows and Maximize Meeting Room Usage with Touch Screen Digital Signage

When most people think of digital signage, they think of signs that display promotional messages or Wayfinding in public areas. However, digital signs can also be used as conference room signs in an office environment. Meeting room digital signage is typically displayed outside of meeting rooms, helping employees and visitors find the right meeting rooms, check meeting schedules, and determine their space options instantly.

Digital signs keep people informed of current and future events taking place in each conference room at your company. Meeting room digital signs allow people to view room availability in real time and reserve meeting rooms right then and there. Meeting room digital signage eliminates confusion regarding whether a meeting room is available and informs people exactly who booked a room and for how long. Digital signs for meeting rooms also raise awareness of your company’s meetings, programs, and events, giving visitors a positive impression and keeping them well informed

Enhance Your Company’s Image with Digital Signage for Meeting Rooms

Nothing is more frustrating to a visitor than arriving at your facility and being unable to find the correct meeting room or determine when a meeting starts. Displaying a digital sign with the name of the meeting and the start time right outside of the appropriate meeting room will improve communication with visitors and give your office a professional look. Digital meeting rooms signs are updated in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about entering the wrong meeting room unaware of last minute changes.

Meeting room digital signage is equipped with touch screen technology and is integrated with a meeting room booking system. By interfacing with your meeting room and resource booking software, meeting room digital signage always displays relevant and up-to-date information. Whenever a change is made in the meeting room booking system, your entire network of digital signs is updated automatically. Meeting room digital signage keeps your workforce and visitors in sync. Users can use the touch screen to book a meeting room as well as start, end, cancel, change, or extend a meeting. Meeting room digital signs allow for easy and accurate booking of meeting rooms and the screen can be personalized in accordance with your company’s logo.

Digital Sign Service is digital signage software for meeting rooms created by Add-On Products. Digital Sign Service supports Modulex hardware as well as all hardware based on iOS, Android, Win7, and Win8. Using tablets as digital signs for meeting rooms enables companies to keep costs down while providing a high-quality user experience. You can even use existing tablets to meet your meeting room digital signage needs both easily and affordably.

Preventing No Shows with Meeting Room Digital Signage

Digital Sign Service is software for interactive meeting room signs for different types of hardware, including tablets.

On some hardware platforms, Digital Sign Service has a “confirm” function that helps prevent no shows. When a host books a meeting room and then arrives at the meeting, all he has to do is tap “Confirm” on the touch screen of the digital sign to start the meeting. If the confirm button hasn’t been tapped, it means that the meeting room isn’t occupied and other users can book it if needed. This reduces the amount of underused meeting rooms and improves resource utilization.

If a meeting host or attendees don’t show up and confirm their presence, the system will release the room within a certain amount of time so that another booking can be made. If a meeting ends before the scheduled finish time, the meeting host can use the touch screen of the digital sign to end the meeting and release the room so that others are free to book it. If a meeting runs past its finish time and no other bookings have been made, the meeting host can extend the meeting from the screen.

Improve the Way You Manage Workspace

Did you know thatoffices spend $20,000 or more on their meeting rooms, but the rooms are empty nearly half the time? Optimizing meeting room usage with meeting room digital signage can help reduce associated costs. In addition to maximizing meeting room utilization, meeting room digital signs also increase efficiency by displaying meeting schedules in real-time and reducing the hassle and waste associated with using paper meeting room signs. Meeting room digital signs also minimize staff and visitor frustration because they are more accurate and allow people to book and check into meeting rooms with ease.

Provide Staff and Visitors with Timely Meeting Information Using Digital Sign Service

Avoid meeting scheduling conflicts and maximize the use of meeting rooms with Digital Sign Service, Add-On Products’ digital signage software for meeting room signs. Digital Sign Service allows you to manage no-shows effectively, book meeting rooms on the fly, and release rooms when meetings end early. Add-On Products serves more than 400,000 clients all over the world. Request a free trial or free online demo to learn more about the benefits of Digital Sign Service.



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