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Qbic Technology

Add-On Products and Qbic Technology have joined forces to make Meeting Room Management easier.

Qbic Technology is founded by an elite group of broad based industrial grade IT background engineers, specializing from Mobile PC, Server, Control to SMART systems. With such a profound team of engineers, they are innovative in designing cutting edge technology along with solutions that satisfies market requirements.

Qbic screen with Digital Sign Service



Qbic screens in 3 colours



Qbic Wall Mount

TD-1050 - Touch Panel PC

The 10.1" Touch Panel PC is ideal for multi-purpose information or interactive content display. The display has LED status lights & NFC embedded (13.56MHz).

Combined with Digital Sign Service software, you can:

  • View current and upcoming meetings
  • Book, extend, and end meetings directly on digital signs or from Outlook®
  • Customize digital signs with your organization’s branding
  • Highlight specific campaigns geared toward employees or visitors on digital signs
  • Display an overview of all meeting rooms and schedules on a digital sign in the foyer or entrance of the office

Available in 3 colors; black, silver and white.

Read more about TD-1050 Touch Panel PC at Qbic Technology's website.

A similar display that supports 13.56MHz & 125KHz is also available - Contact us to hear more about the DS-1051 (HID) Touch Panel PC. 

Read more about which NFC cards our hardware supports.



The screen is designed with a unique wall bracket that lets you mount the Panel PC on just about any surface you can imagine, even on glass walls. 

To recess the screen directly into the wall, it is possible to purchase the AC-120 Wall Mount.

Contact us to hear about more accessories available.

Deskbooking PC

TD-0350 - Deskbooking Panel PC

Smart device for desk booking management with 3.5" touch and LED status light display.

Combine the display with Digital Sign Service software and you can:

  • Create, confirm, extend and end bookings
  • See desk availability with color-coded templates
  • Customize the displays for your organization's branding

Read more about the Deskbooking Panel PC at Qbic Technology's website.

Qbic UWD Series Displays

UWD Series - Stretch Displays | BXP-352 Box PC

TFT stretch type display for extra wide media content display options.

Combine the UWD Series displays with the BXP-352 Box PC and Ariadne software for advanced information opportunities.

  • Wider TFT Stretch Displays for a Wider application
  • Suitable for wide designated content displays
  • Use wayfinding to help your visitors find their way around
  • Use video streaming to promote your products or company
  • Welcome visitors

Available in 3 models; UWD-4800 (48"), UWD-3800 (38") and UWD-2800 (28").

The BXP-352 Box PC runs on Windows version 7, 8.1, 10 and Android.

Qbic Box PC

MPD Series - Main Stream Displays | BXP-352 Box PC

Combine the MPD Series displays with the BXP-352 Box PC and Ariadne software and be able to:

  • Use wayfinding
  • Make visitors feel informed, welcome, and at ease
  • Display visitors names and company logo
  • Increase reception efficiency by freeing up reception staff

Read more about the Meeting management hardware on Qbic Tehnology's website, or contact us to hear about a turnkey solution - both hardware and software.