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Glory Star

Add-On Products and Glory Star have joined forces, giving you the opportunity to purchase a turnkey solution.

Glory Star is provider and manufacturer of Android kiosk solutions. The supplier of commercial tablets and android kiosk, Glory Star now has more than +60,000 installations in retail, self-service and building automation industries globally. 

Glorystar screen with Digital Sign Service



Glorystar screens with light

JARVIS Meeting Room tablet

With JARVIS 10.1" Touch Display for meeting rooms you can see, from a distance, whether a meeting room is booked or not, with the ambient light bar showing room status. The tablet has capacitive touch and is powered by Android.

Installed with Digital Sign Service software, you can:

  • End-to-end meeting room arrangement
  • Displays current and future meetings
  • Touch for book, extend and end meetings
  • Customize the display to fit your company profile
  • Avoid interruption. This tablet offers different lighting which shows status of the meeting room (occupied / ready to use / available)

Contact us for more information or download a trial version.

Read more about JARVIS meeting room tablet at Glory Stars' website.