Technology Partners

We all know the importance of having pieces, which match perfectly together in an overall picture. Having a mismatch will end up wasting a lot of your time and money with a lot of frustration. 

This is why we have decided to pick specific technology partners, which we will work closely with, ensuring our software seamlessly integrates. Warranty and support will all be handled from the same place but from different companies – hassle free for you.



Our Technology Partners:

Technology partner Qbic technology

Qbic Technology

Add-On Products' Digital Sign Service directly integrates with Qbic Technology's TD-1050 touchscreen displays, which you can implement right outside of meeting rooms.
With this interactive digital signage solution, you can do the following:

  • View current and upcoming meetings
  • Book, extend, and end meetings directly on digital signs or from Outlook®
  • Customize digital signs with your organization’s branding
  • Highlight specific campaigns geared toward employees or visitors on digital signs
  • Display an overview of all meeting rooms and schedules on a digital sign in the foyer or entrance of the office

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Technology partner Glorystar

Glory Star

Glory Stars' JARVIS meeting room tablet will help you arrange meetings seamlessly with our Digital Sign Service software.

With this turnkey solution, you can:

  • End-to-end meeting room arrangement
  • Displays current and future meetings
  • Touch for book, extend and end meetings
  • Customize the display to fit your company profile
  • Avoid interruption. This tablet offers different lighting which shows status of the meeting room (occupied / ready to use / available)

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Technology partner VisionLine


FlexLine is a visitor-registration kiosk with built in badge printer, scanner, card reader and RFID reader.

Combined with Resource Central you can:

  • Quickly check visitors in, giving receptionists more time to handle other responsibilities 
  • Allow visitors to check themselves in
  • Streamline visitor registration
  • Print high quality visitor badges
  • Perform bar code scans of visitor badges (coming soon)

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Technology partner VisionLine


The VL-800 series, is a unique touch display for Android and Windows.
Available in more sizes (22-55 inches).

Combined with Digital Sign Service you can:

  • View current and upcoming meetings for several meeting rooms around the facility on one display
  • Easily locate meetings and colleagues
  • Customize the display to fit your company profile
  • Always have an up-to-date overview of all meetings and information about available rooms and resources

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Technology partner Computopic


Integrate Resource Central, meeting room booking system, with COMPUTOPIC's text / SMS gateway, for the ability to receive text messages when visitors arrives at your organization. This provides for a more active notification, without any need to be online*.

*Optional feature / additional cost

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Sensors - coming soon

Do you have meeting rooms which are empty and still showing booked in Microsoft Exchange / Outlook®? Then try to install our sensor and connect them to Digital Sign Service. This is the ultimate confirmation system.

How it works - If there is no movement within the meeting space for the first 10 minutes (configurable), the meeting room is automatically freed up for someone else to book.

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