Outlook Conference Scheduling


When an organization spans across multiple locations, booking meeting rooms and scheduling conference rooms can be a tedious task. While the organization may have chosen Microsoft Outlook® as the company's messaging solution, users often find its method of handling conference room booking and scheduling to be lacking.


Add-On Products offers Resource Central, a conference room scheduling and room booking solution that is a comprehensive add-in solution for Microsoft Outlook®. This allows you to utilize the solution directly within Outlook® allowing for users to gain the benefits with little to no training.

You can easily get an overview of available resources such as whiteboards, projectors and more.

Some of the benefits of our Outlook®conference room booking add-in are:


  • Search and sort resources by location and category
  • List and book available conference rooms
  • List and book available workstations or hot desks
  • Order individualized catering and other services
  • Report generator based on Microsoft Reporting Services®
  • Customizable order forms
  • Supports all current versions of Microsoft Windows®, Exchange® and Outlook®
  • Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2003®
  • Intuitive user interface - user friendly and similar to Outlook®
  • Integration with Digital Signage
  • Register external guests and print name badges

Download a copy today to learn how you can easily book conference rooms with Microsoft Outlook®! Just click here