After the implementation of our meeting room and resource scheduling software Resource Central and our meeting room signage software Digital Sign Service, we welcome Nando’s in South Africa as our customer. We’re sure they will start to enjoy all benefits right away.

If you are thinking of implementing Office 365 / Exchange Online, you can benefit from our new blog article describing Office 365.

Our products Resource Central, Exchange Central and Digital Sign Service support Office 365 / Exchange Online, so you can still take advantage of these products should you choose to migrate to the clouds.

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Meeting room management for Microsoft Outlook® can provide you with the necessary data to make informed decisions on how to manage your office space. With an increasing number of staff working outside the office, you for instance might be able to introduce hot-desking/hoteling and manage it with meeting room management software. You can also extract data on meeting room usage and determine whether you have meeting rooms often sitting empty. Use this information to reduce your real estate expenses.

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Considered using a team calendar for Outlook®? It provides you with a user-friendly overview of multiple calendars and efficient tools for project planning and evaluation.

In our new blog article, you can read more on how to streamline your project planning with a team calendar for Outlook®.

The conference is dedicated to transformations of working practices through Microsoft solutions. You can participate in a session on how a company has enhanced the management of its meeting rooms with Resource Central.

The event takes place the 25th -26th of November in Palais des Congrès d’Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris.

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