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If you use Outlook® throughout your organization then you know that the calendar is great for setting appointments and attendees; however it is virtually impossible to manage your resources. Add-On Products offers Resource Central, a comprehensive resource management tool for Outlook®, which makes managing meeting rooms and resources simple and easy, allowing users to schedule a complete meeting in less than 2 minutes via Microsoft Outlook®!

Supercharge Outlook® with a meeting room manager

Having the right tools makes a world of a difference when it comes to scheduling meetings and booking resources efficiently and effectively. Resource Central is a meeting room manager for Microsoft Outlook® with powerful features that go far beyond personal calendaring. You can get quick overviews of attendee availability as well as meeting room availability. You can also view details about each meeting room, including floor plans, photos, seating capacity, and equipment. With Resource Central, users can:

  • Find rooms and resources based on location, date, time, features, etc.
  • Create one-time and recurring meetings
  • Arrange for equipment, catering, and other extra services at the same time when booking a meeting space
  • Automatically generate meeting invites and service requests

Instantly find and book meeting rooms, invite attendees, and order extra services like catering and audiovisual equipment in just a few clicks! The whole process takes just 2 minutes and can be completed within Outlook®.

Easy-to-use yet robust meeting room booking solution

Resource Central is easy-to-use yet robust enough to handle complex meeting room and resource booking procedures. From small businesses with only a handful of meeting rooms to global corporations with offices around the world, companies of all sizes use Resource Central to simplify meeting room management and free up staff from unnecessary admin work. Using a meeting room manager like Resource Central saves time because it handles all aspects of the meeting room booking process at the same time. When you use Outlook® to book a meeting, you can place orders for additional services simultaneously.

Resource Central offers an optimum booking experience within the intuitive and straightforward Outlook® interface. There’s no need for end users to learn how to use new software when you introduce Resource Central because it integrates seamlessly with Outlook® and is just as user-friendly.

Meeting Room Scheduling Software

While some resource management solutions only allow you to track rooms and schedule blocks of time, our meeting room schedule software is flexible to your organization's needs.

Some of the benefits of our Outlook® conference room booking add-in are:

  • List and book available conference rooms
  • List and book available workstations or hot desks
  • Order individualized catering and other services
  • Report generator
  • Customizable order forms
  • Supports all current versions of Microsoft Windows®, Exchange® and Outlook®
  • Intuitive user interface - user friendly and similar to Outlook®
  • Integration with Digital Signage
  • Register external guests and print name badges

Try our meeting room manager tool today
No matter how large or small your organization, Resource Central will transform the way you book meetings and schedule rooms and resources. With its flexible configuration options and powerful features, Resource Central lets you work the way you want. Sign up for a free online demo of Resource Central today if you seek a powerful meeting room manager for Outlook®.

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