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From finding the appropriate meeting room and checking its availability, to inviting attendees and ordering of catering and services, meeting room and resource booking can be a time-consuming process. Resource Central meeting room booking software is designed to streamline how staff organize meetings at your organization. Read more about Resource Central’s meeting management features below.

Place Catering and Service Orders on Behalf of Staff with the 'Assistant Organizer' feature

With Resource Central meeting room booking software, you can assume the role of Assistant Organizer, booking meetings on behalf of other staff members. As Assistant Organizer you are part of the entire meeting management process where you are able to make changes to the booking on behalf of the meeting organizer.

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Register External Attendees with the Visitor Management Feature

When you send out the meeting invitation, Resource Central can automatically pre-register attendees at the same time you order catering or other services. When the attendee arrives at the company, the receptionist doesn’t need to enter visitor information manually, which makes the check-in process quick and professional.  

Use the 'My Visitors' tool in Resource Central meeting room booking software to quickly register visitors and external consultants who may not be attending a meeting.

Multi-Room Booking and Service Ordering

Quickly book resources and order catering and extra services for multiple rooms at once with Resource Central’s multi-room ordering feature.

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Quickly determine what type of meeting you are organizing with Meeting Labels

Putting the meeting type as a label on your booking enables central personal / Booking Managers who manage bookings across your organization, to quickly determine what type of meeting you are organizing. This way, when Booking Managers need to move meetings, it is far easier for them to see what type of meeting it is and act accordingly. For example, you could create ‘Internal’ and ‘External (with visitors)’ labels to differentiate between meetings so that Booking Managers can easily avoid rescheduling external meetings, helping to maintain a professional and organized image.

The new meeting labels feature is highly flexible. Labels can be configured to match your organization’s needs. Meeting types, label names, and colors are customizable.

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What People Say


Since implementing our room booking system there’s definitely better utilization of rooms. If people don’t need them they are proactively released for someone else to use.

James Eccles

Wessex Water, UK


Thanks to Exchange Central our customers receive better service and we use fewer resources in serving them

Jens Erik Rasmussen, Head of IT

TOPNORDIC / ATEA Group, Denmark

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