Keep your products up-to-date with our Maintenance Program

We constantly improve our products. The Maintenance Program (MP) allows you to benefit each time our products are enhanced with new versions or updates.

Maintenance program

Maintenance program

The Maintenance Program is available for the following products:

Maintenance Program Standard

MP Standard

MP has a duration of 12 months from the purchase date and grants you access to all of a product’s updates and upgrades released in that period. This allows you to "Get Current and Stay Current" with the products for which the MP license applies.

Maintenance Program Gold

MP Gold

MP Gold also has a duration of 12 months. It allows you to "Get Running and Stay Running", as it offers you unlimited access to our hotline. The hotline is accessible via phone or e-mail with an overall guaranteed response time of a maximum of 8 working hours (i.e., within one business day) in 95% of all incidents. You are granted direct access to second line support through MP Gold email addresses or phone numbers, and we will consider your requests a top priority.

You are also welcome to join our Official Preview program. Members of this program receive the latest versions (updates/upgrades) of our products up to two months prior to the official release and launch date.

Purchase manitenance program

Purchase the Maintenance Program

MP is offered through our Partners and Resellers. To be eligible to purchase MP for a specific product, you must have an existing license for that product.

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