Keep Your Office More Secure with a Visitor Management System

People form a lasting impression of your company when they visit your office for the first time, from the moment they walk through the door and sign in at the reception desk. The method you use for welcoming visitors and signing them in strongly impacts the opinion that visitors form of your company.

Using a more technologically sophisticated method for registering visitors gives people the impression that your company is efficient, organized, and concerned about security and safety. What’s more, using a visitor management system to capture and manage visitor data is far more efficient than other methods. It makes tracking who comes in and out of your office a breeze.

Visitor management software allows receptionists to:

  • Accurately and quickly capture visitor data, such as name, picture, and license information
  • Perform discreet security checks by screening against a list of unwanted visitors
  • Create visitor badges
  • Notify employees via email or phone when their visitors arrive

No matter the size of your facility and whether it’s a corporate reception area, bank, or hospital, it’s important to have a visitor management system in place. The following are some reasons why.


Increases Security

Your office’s lobby is your first line of defense. The lobby is where you control access to your facility and prevent unwanted visitors from entering the grounds. By automating the visitor sign-in process with a visitor management system, you can improve your facility’s security for everyone.

When companies don’t have an efficient visitor management system in place, they are in a vulnerable position and may even be liable if there’s a security breach. Digital systems are more secure than paper-based systems because they provide an audit trail that’s easy to access. When offices rely on logbooks and reusable visitor badges to manage visitors, security breaches are more likely to occur.


Creates a Professional Image

Having an automated visitor management system in place improves the visitor experience at your facility. Receptionists can print out professional visitor badges with barcodes. Visitors are processed quickly and efficiently, eliminating long lines and making visitors feel welcome and expected.


Keeps Track of Visitors

Receptionists are often busy with a myriad of tasks, so holding them responsible for managing all visitors coming in and out of your facility is a lot to ask if they don’t have tools to streamline the process at their disposal. A visitor management system simplifies the visitor registration process for receptionists and enables them to notify employees with the click of a mouse when expected visitors arrive. In addition, they can print out visitor badges with barcodes. These badges add an increased level of security and enables visitors to be easily identified.


Automate Your Office’s Reception Area with Resource Central

Add-On Products’ Resource Central is resource booking software for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that also comes equipped with a visitor management module. The software is extremely easy to use and allows you to determine who is in your facility at any given time, send email notifications to employees expecting visitors, print visitor badges with barcodes, screen for unwanted visitors, and more.

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