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Add-On Products and INNES have joined forces to improve meeting room management. Building integration between their touchscreen hardware and our digital signage software makes booking workspaces easier.

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INNES Qeedji TAB10

INNES is a manufacturer of audio-visual hardware solutions. They operate at all stages of the distribution of image and sound in audio-visual and digital signage. Their 10″ Android tablets are ideal to use outside meeting rooms for digital signage solutions.

technology partner INNES

Qeedji TAB10 Meeting Room Tablet

With the Qeedji TAB10 touch display for meeting rooms, you can see, from a distance, whether a meeting room is booked or available by looking at the ambient LED status light bar. The tablet has integrated NFC / RFID reader and is powered by Android.

Installed with conference room sign software, you can:

  • View up-to-date information with current and future meetings
  • Touch to book, confirm, extend, and end meetings
  • Customize the display to fit your company profile
  • Avoid interruption with color coded lighting showing room availability. 

Contact us for more information or download a trial version.

Read about the Qeedji TAb10 tablet at the INNES website →
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To purchase an Add-On Products’ solution or to inquire about our custom-made solutions, get in touch with a local reseller or contact Add-On Products directly:


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From an IT and Digitalization perspective, Add-On Products has been a competent supplier for 10 years. They have provided great input in relation to future development of the solution in accordance with Aarhus Municipality's needs. Most recently they have assisted in an innovative booking project that will make the solution available to a completely new user group.

Søren Laursen, Chief Consultant

Aarhus Municipality, Denmark

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"Our staff are very comfortable using Resource Central to manage their diaries and meetings"

Ian Scullion, Project Manager

Manchester Primary Care Trust, UK

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"The main reason we chose Resource Central is that it supports multiple companies and is easy to use and operate. Having a single solution for all the companies to operate has been a real benefit."

Svein Arne Hammersland, Manager ICT

Sparebanken Vest, Norway

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