Inspiration: Incorporate Digital Signage in your Marketing Plans

An often overseen addition to standard marketing activities is digital signage. Perhaps you already use digital signs for keeping visitors and staff informed of meetings, why not use it to brand your company and market your products and events? You could even gain revenue by selling promotional space to third parties such as vendors. You can naturally also gain revenue by listing your current offers if you‘re focusing on B2C.

For instance, digital signage content can be targeted at your visitors in the reception area by presenting professional, dynamic, and engaging content like videos and PowerPoint presentations. Adjust the content to the visitors you know are in the building at a specific time of day to achieve maximum impact.

Ariadne – dynamic digital signage software

Ariadneis digital signage software that displays Wayfinding, meeting room information, RSS feeds, videos, images, Flash, and PowerPoint presentations. Use it to keep your visitors and employees informed and market your company, products, and events with targeted content.

If you would like more information on how to brand your company and market your products with digital signage, please contact us. You can also contact us for an online demo or download a  free trial version of Ariadne.



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