Improve Collaboration in Your Organization with Time-Saving Calendar Solutions

Need to get everyone in your office or team to focus on the same project or priorities at the same time? Calendar management software can help. A collaborative team calendar allows you to easily schedule events, send meeting invitations, and book resources, helping you efficiently manage your own time as well as that of your team.

Shared team calendars ensure that everyone is aware of what’s happening at all times. You can get a quick overview of upcoming events in your own schedule and your teammates’ schedules. Conveniently, some shared calendar software has a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to quickly reschedule events and automatically send out emails notifying attendees of these changes.

Plan and Assign Resources More Efficiently

When you have access to a group calendar, you can see your team members’ schedules at a glance. This allows you to determine which tasks have been assigned to them and how busy they are. You gain insight into which team members are available and which team members are fully booked, so you can assign tasks more effectively and avoid overbooking people.

No More Playing Email and Phone Tag

There are few things more frustrating than trying to schedule a meeting involving multiple people without access to a team calendar. Finding a time that works for everyone in your group can be daunting and result in a long, confusing string of emails or phone calls. Scheduling meetings shouldn’t be so difficult. Fortunately, if you have group calendar software that integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, you can easily view your team members’ calendars and invite them to meetings and events with just a few clicks.

Coordinating dates can be even more of a hassle if you’re juggling more than one project. With team calendar software, you can group and filter calendars by location, client, department, project, or any other way you please. This will allow you to create various group calendars that are separate but easily accessible in one place.

Get Your Team on the Same Page

A group calendar enhances collaboration among you and your team, even if some or all of you work remotely. Your team members can view their schedules from wherever they’re located, even if they’re on the go. A far-flung group of people that may include clients, colleagues, vendors, freelancers, and everyone in between can be kept in sync with a group calendar. People will appreciate feeling like they’re always in the loop, so they can get work done, book meetings, and keep track of their schedules and tasks anytime, anywhere. Clients will also notice and appreciate how everyone’s on the same page.

Manage Meetings and Appointments Effortlessly with Exchange Central and WebTeam Central

If you’re working with a team, a personal calendar simply won’t give you the functionality you need to effectively plan ahead and align people, tasks, and projects. Add-On Products’ Calendar Management Software is a group calendar for Microsoft Outlook® that enables you to schedule meetings and events while providing you with a quick overview of your team’s schedules. WebTeam Central is web-based team calendar software that provides even more flexibility by giving you access to the same information online. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo to get started today!


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