How to Boost Productivity with Meeting Scheduling Software for Non-Profits

From board meetings to membership meetings, meetings are a regular part of the workday for most non-profit organizations. Scheduling meetings isn’t supposed to be difficult, but sometimes it can be. It takes time to find an available meeting space, invite attendees, and locate the equipment you need, not to mention communicate back and forth with attendees till you find a time that is suitable for everyone.

The average worker spends about 25% of their workday in meetings. Well-planned meetings add a lot of value, but poorly planned meetings can be a waste of time. The time spent planning those meetings is also a hidden cost. Some things you have to spend time on in order to plan and schedule a meeting include finding a room, ordering catering and equipment, writing an agenda, and inviting attendees. All of this time adds up, and this is where a meeting room booking system could really make a difference in your productivity.


Manage Shared Meeting Spaces with Meeting Scheduling Software

Managing shared meeting spaces is a challenge that many non-profit organizations face, especially now that social distancing restrictions have come into play. Fortunately, meeting scheduling software tools exist that can help you book meeting spaces and workspaces, as well as order services and resources for your meetings. Meeting management software helps you streamline the meeting planning process, reduce unnecessary processes, and increase the effectiveness of meetings in the following ways:

  • Find the right meeting rooms at your location
  • Order catering, equipment, and other services
  • Attach agenda and supporting documents
  • Prevent double-bookings
  • Analyze meeting and room usage metrics

A meeting room management system provides a shared, centralized view of your team’s workspaces and seating arrangements. This allows you to manage all of the desks, spaces, and resources from one place and from any device. Documents and spreadsheets get out-of-date quickly. Using scheduling software with floor plans allows you to make changes in real-time, so you can be sure that information on meeting room availability is accurate and up-to-date.


Find Meeting Rooms That Are the Best Fit

Finding a suitable room for a meeting can be a challenge without the right information at your fingertips. With meeting scheduling software, you can include photos and floor plans with meeting room information in order to help employees find a meeting room that is appropriate for the occasion. This ensures that workspaces are used optimally and prevents meeting rooms from getting abandoned at the last minute.

The logistics of finding and booking a meeting room shouldn’t get in the way of doing your best and most rewarding work. With Resource Central, you can quickly get visibility into available meeting rooms based on size, location, and resources right within Microsoft Outlook®.

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