Goodbye Paper: Improve Communication with Up-to-Date Digital Meeting Room Signs

Want to present up-to-the-minute information on your meeting room signs? Digital signagethat links to your meeting room software displays current meeting and event information outside of meeting rooms and conference halls. This keeps both visitors and employees informed about meetings and events happening in specific rooms and does away with confusion regarding who booked a meeting room and whether or not a room is occupied.

Meeting room signs can function alone or serve as an extension of your digital signage system. They keep people in your building informed regarding meeting and event schedules. Employees can use the interactive touch screens of meeting room signs to extend, cancel, or schedule meetings right then and there rather than return to their desks. Any changes made via meeting room signs are immediately reflected in the meeting room software.

Efficient meeting room management is a mission critical task in mid-sized companies and large enterprises that host meetings frequently. It lowers costs, prevents resources from being wasted, saves employees time, and increases their productivity. Meeting room signs that integrate with your meeting scheduling software streamline meeting room management by eliminating paperwork and providing real-time meeting information to employees and visitors.

Advantages Over Traditional Print Signage

Meeting room signs with integration to Outlook® ensures your meeting rooms signs are up-to-date and eliminates the need for paper signs

Static meeting room signs have become a thing of the past. Not only is printing and posting static meeting room signs tedious, time-consuming, costly, and environmentally unfriendly, it is also inflexible. If meeting room schedules change at the last minute, for example, a staff member would have to create and post paper signs in order to advise meeting attendees of the changes. Up-to-date digital meeting room signs save companies man-hours because employees no longer have to replace posted schedules. Digital meeting room signs also enhance the visitor experience, whereas posting paper signs and schedules fails to convey a professional image of your company.

Working from any network-enabled computer, employees can update meeting room schedules displayed on all digital signs throughout the building. Important and relevant information such as the meeting title, company logos, and the meeting’s time and duration can be displayed on the digital sign right outside of the meeting room. Rescheduling meetings and changing meeting rooms is also a breeze with digital meeting room signs. For example, if the audiovisual equipment in a meeting room stops working, your staff can quickly move to another available meeting room and alert meeting attendees of the change via digital signage, so attendees can find the new meeting room quickly.

Enhance the Visitor Experience

In addition to improving internal communication, meeting room signs that display up-to-date meeting room information also guide visitors and give them a strong impression of your company. Digital meeting room signs have an innovative, modern, and professional appearance. You can customize your digital signs to reflect your company’s brand image by creating a template with your brand’s logo, colors, and font.

Meeting room signs are compatible with a wide range of hardware. They can be interactive or non-interactive, depending on your needs. Tablet devices with touch screens, such as Android tablets, Windows 7 tablets, and iPads, are a cost-effective and user-friendly hardware choice.

Modernize Meeting Room Signs with Digital Sign Service

With digital signage software, you can for instance turn iPads into meeting room signs

Add-On Products’ Digital Sign Service software for meeting room signs integrates with Microsoft Outlook®. Users can book meetings in the familiar Outlook® environment or on touch screens directly outside of specific meeting rooms. When you book a meeting in Outlook®, the information is automatically displayed in front of the appropriate meeting room. When a meeting room is empty, you can use the digital sign to display announcements and other information. By giving users the ability to end or extend meetings directly via meeting room signs, Digital Sign Service ensures the optimal use of meeting rooms and resources.

If you’re looking for a complete digital signage and meeting room management solution, combine Digital Sign Service with Resource Central and Ariadne. Resource Central is a complete meeting room booking and resource management tool for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Ariadne, our full-scale digital signage solution, displays everything from visitor greetings and Wayfinding to images, videos, live TV, and RSS feeds. Please contact us for a free trial of Digital Sign Service today to get started or request a demo.


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