Webinar: Complete booking solution with integration to Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange & Office 365

On Friday, April 22, our experts at Add-On Products will be hosting a free webinar introducing all of our easy-to-use workspace and meeting scheduling solutions that can solve your workplace challenges. Designed to fit organization’s needs, our technologies and solutions offer numerous benefits across your entire business.

This webinar is open to all, and for those who are new, it’s the perfect time to explore work management solutions that could benefit your business in 2022.

Webinar event details and an overview of what we will be discussing is below!


Event Details

The webinar will be an online event hosted through Microsoft Teams, and the primary speaking language will be English.

Event Date:  Friday April 22, 2022

Event Time: 10:00-11:30 CET

Following the webinar, we encourage you to reach out to us directly from our contact form for a personalized demonstration and conversation about what your organization may specifically need.

Webinar Agenda: What Products We’ll Be Discussing

This webinar will focus on our workspace and meeting scheduling technologies. Our modern software solutions for booking desks, workspaces, meeting rooms, digital signs, and other resources deliver workflow efficiencies and solve key challenges in your flexible workplace. Built for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange & Office 365, our technologies are easy to integrate and use.


Resource Central

Managing meeting planning and booking

The booking process with Resource Central

Catering Service Provider

Visitor management feature


Workspace booking app

Make flexible working easy

The booking process with Workspace

No-show reporting


Digital Sign Client

Interactive sign solution for conference room and meeting management

The booking process with digital signage

Reservation Directory



Rich and dynamic workplace analysis solution tool

Insights based on your own live dataset from Resource Central

Monitor and show reports for exactly what is relevant for your organization


Ready to Register?

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All participants will receive a confirmation email with a iCalendar .ics file that include the Microsoft Teams invite for the webinar participation.