Digital Signage Solutions

Interactive digital signage software from Add-On Products is one of the best digital signage softwares as it is always up-to-date thanks to the seamless integration to meeting room booking systems. The end result is improved communication and resource optimization.

Add-On Products' digital signage solutions help employees to quickly find meeting rooms and avoid having to waste valuable time when guiding visitors to the correct meeting room.

You can now pick and even combine solutions to best fit your company needs because our digital signage software will support any hardware you prefer, whether you choose Modulex, an IOS system, an Android system or Windows 7.

Add-On Products offers two unique digital signage solutions:

  1. Digital Sign Service
  2. Ariadne

Digital Sign Service

Digital Sign Service

Interactive Digital Signage Software - Digital Sign Service is one of the best digital signage software solutions for interactive meeting room signs with integration to Microsoft Exchange® and Outlook®. Use this digital signage management solution to inform visitors and co-workers of present and future events in a meeting room. You can book, change, and end meetings directly on touch screens such as an iPad.

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The powerful features of the interactive digital signage software include:

  • Enhanced communication with directional arrows and up-to-date meeting information
  • Better branding for your company by customizing the signs to your company's brand
  • Ability to efficiently market your products, events, and services (e.g. videos)
  • Improved customer service by welcoming visitors with RSS feeds



Full-Scale Digital Signage Software System - Ariadne is an advanced multimedia and information management solution with Wayfinding and support for flash, RSS feeds, videos, pictures, and streaming of content. Ariadne is integrated to a wide range of booking systems such as:

Outlook®Exchange®Newmarket DelphiLotus NotesAnd many more! 

Ariadne can help you streamline maintenance, enhance your security and keep your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low. Ask us about hosting your digital signage solution.

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To learn more about Add-On Products digital signage solutions or if you have unanswered questions about how our digital signage software can benefit you, please contact our experts:

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