Digital Sign Service - Book ad-hoc meetings directly at the sign

Dynamic Digital Signage Service is software for meeting room signs. You can either book meetings in your familiar Outlook® environment or directly on the touch screens outside of meeting rooms. Digital Sign Service ensures that the meeting information on digital service signs is correct and improves internal and external communication. At the same time, Digital Sign Service brands your company. Our software supports all hardware based on iOS, Android, Win7, Win8, and Modulex.

touch and book

Touch and Book

With Digital Sign Service interactive digital signage software you are able to touch screens outside of meeting rooms and create, extend and end meetings directly at the sign. The intuitive interface ensures easy booking- and optimized resource utilization.

Dynamic digital signage outside one of our client's meeting rooms

Meeting details

Digital Sign Service is a complete, easy-to-use, and functional dynamic digital signage solution that keeps employees informed of current and future events happening in a specific room. Digital Sign Service eliminates confusion regarding who booked the room or whether the room is available.

It seamlessly integrates your digital service signs with the Microsoft platform. When you book a meeting in Outlook®, the information is automatically displayed on the appropriate digital service sign. You can also reserve a room or change a meeting by using the touch screen outside the meeting room, eliminating the need for additional paperwork.

communication digital sign service


Digital Sign Service improves your company’s internal and external communication. Guests and employees can easily determine if they have found the correct meeting room, and real-time updates ensure that they don’t enter the wrong room due to last minute changes. For instance, patients in a hospital or guests at a conference won’t be confused about where they’re supposed to go. This enhances your company’s professional image and enables your staff to focus on their job responsibilities rather than act as guides.

When a meeting room is empty, you can use its digital service sign to display a video or a background image with your corporate branding or other relevant information.


Enhance branding

Use Digital Sign Service to enhance your branding efforts. You can design a template that’s adapted to your company’s logo, colors, and font. This gives your brand a professional and consistent image.

When there’s no activity in a meeting room, use the digital sign outside of the room to display a video, an image and/or message about one of your products. This gives you a platform to market your products or perhaps sell promotional space to a vendor.


Hardware independent

Digital Signage Display supports a wide range of hardware. For instance, you could use tablets as meeting room signs. Tablet devices are a well-designed and cost-effective solution with touch-screen ability.

Choose from hardware based on iOS, Android or Windows for your digital signs. Perhaps you prefer a familiar platform like Windows so you can obtain easy support. Maybe you want a well-designed tablet like the iPad or would prefer to keep your costs down with an Android tablet. Should you choose to replace your digital signage hardware, you won’t need to buy new software.

Meeting Directory

Meeting directory

It is now possible not just to view meetings from the current room, but also for more rooms on the same sign. You can now get an overview of all meeting rooms and the meetings taking place that day.

Visitors and staff can now easily locate their meetings and your colleagues have an always up-to-date overview of all activities.


    • Display current and future meetings
    • Prolong or shorten meetings
    • Out-of-the-box solution with easy installation
    • Correct meeting room information improves communication
    • The graphics can be adapted to your company, thereby enhancing your brand
    • Standard templates are also available


Digital signage

Digital signage

Andreas Gemperle Habegger, Switzerland

“Ariadne’s features put the product in a class of its own compared to other digital signage solutions”

5 / 5 stars