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Room booking display solution for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Digital Sign Service is a room booking display solution for managing meeting rooms. Book meetings directly on the touch screens outside of the meeting rooms or in your standard Outlook® environment. The dynamic room booking signage solution ensures that the information on the meeting room display is up-to-date, improving internal and external communication. At the same time, our meeting room booking display system can improve your brand recognition. Our software supports iOS, Android and Windows, allowing you a free choice of hardware to match your existing interior design. 

Room Booking Display - touch and book

Room booking display

Book, confirm, extend and end meetings directly on the display. With the dynamic meeting room digital signage solution you can create instant meetings that are automatically synchronized with the Exchange Server.

The intuitive interface ensures easy room booking and optimizes your internal resource utilization.

Meeting details

Meeting details

The meeting room digital signage solution keeps employees and visitors informed of current and future meetings taking place in the room. Digital Sign Service eliminates confusion regarding who booked the room or whether the room is available.

Digital Sign Service seamlessly integrates your screens with the Microsoft platform. When you book a meeting in Outlook®, the meeting information is automatically displayed on the appropriate room booking display. You can also reserve a room or change a meeting by using the touch display outside the meeting room.

communication digital sign service


Digital Sign Service improves your company’s internal and external communication. Guests and employees can easily determine if they have found the correct meeting room, and real-time updates ensure that they don’t enter the wrong room due to last minute changes.

You can configure the meeting room digital signage to display video or background images with your corporate branding or other relevant information.


Customized layout options

Design a unique meeting room booking display template that’s adapted to your company’s logo, colors, and font enhancing your professional image. Background images can be centrally managed, allowing you to manage all your room booking displays from one location. 

You can also use the digital signage software to display a video, an image or information about your products. This gives you a platform to market products or perhaps sell promotional space.

Deskbooking displays

Room booking displays with pre-installed software

We have carefully selected specific technology partners to work with, allowing us to offer high-quality displays seamlessly integrated with our room booking display software.

With our meeting room booking touch displays, you can create, confirm and edit meetings directly on the screen - making ad-hoc room booking easier for you. With the displays status-light informing of room availability, you can easily determine, from a distance, whether the meeting room is available.

Contact your local reseller or us directly for more information.

Datasheets: DS-1050 (w/ light) | DS-JAR101-MR (w/ light) | DS-JAR101 (w/o light)

Desk Booking

Desk booking display

Use our desk booking solution to be able to view availability on workspaces / hot desks. Create, confirm, extend and end bookings directly on the display and maximize the use of flexible workstations. 

Combine Digital Sign Service with our meeting booking solution, Resource Central, and easily search for and book available workspaces by applying filters and location through Outlook®, either in advance or on demand. Thereby, reducing overhead costs on resource utilization and enabling flexible working initiatives.

Meeting Directory

Meeting directory | Display meetings for more rooms  

View meetings for several meeting rooms around the facility on one display. With our room booking display software, you can get an updated overview of all current and upcoming meetings taking place, to display in reception or common areas.

Visitors and staff can easily locate their meetings and colleagues always have an up-to-date overview of all meetings and information about available rooms and resources.

hardware independent

Hardware independent

Want to source your own hardware? Choose from hardware based on iOS, Android or Windows for your meeting room booking displays.

It is also possible to buy hardware directly through Add-On Products or your local reseller. We offer a range of quality hardware in modern designs, pre-installed with our room booking display software - including room booking displays, larger displays for meeting overview and desk booking displays.

Digital Signage Software as a Service

Room booking display solution delivered as SaaS

Digital Sign Service can be installed either on-premise, in your own cloud or in Add-On Products' cloud as a full Software as a Service solution.

Add-On Products' cloud is built on Microsoft Azure, providing a scalable platform architecture centrally managed and supported by our own experienced staff.

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Complete meeting management solution

Get a complete meeting management solution

Combine our room booking display software with our meeting room booking software for Outlook®, Resource Centraland get a complete meeting management solution.

The complete solution will provide your company with opportunities such as quick meeting room booking with ordering of catering and services, visitor management and meeting information displayed on digital signage. 


    • View current and upcoming meetings
    • Create, confirm and edit meetings directly on the screen
    • Color coding: showing meeting room availability
    • Pin-code protection for accessing the display
    • View meetings for more rooms on one display
    • One-touch booking to start / end meetings 
    • Run video on the screen 
    • Support for multiple time zones
    • Display your company logo
    • Centrally managed background image 
    • Standard templates available
    • Customized templates to fit the branding of your organization 
    • Integration to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365