Create an Agile, Flexible Workplace with the Workspace Booking App and Hot Desk Management Solution

Now you can simplify meeting room and hot desk booking with the Workspace App by Add-On Products. This tool lets your employees determine workspace availability, make room reservations, and adjust or cancel bookings. The floor map feature boasts interactive floor plans that are based on your organization’s layout.

Using the Workspace Booking App is an effortless and easy way to help make your workplace more efficient. Employees no longer have to rely on an office admin to book meeting spaces or find and book available hot desks for them.

Through the Workspace app’s user-friendly interface, employees can reserve conference rooms, hot desks, and other resources in your Microsoft 365 environment. Not only is this quick and convenient for employees, it also enables your organization to maximize the use of available space while avoiding double bookings and other frustrating issues.


Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365 

The Workspace Booking App integrates with Microsoft 365®, so all of your reservations can be viewed in one place. This integration makes workspace scheduling a breeze.

Users have the option to choose whether or not they want to display the room and workspace bookings in their calendars. In some cases, it might be preferred to not display these bookings on your calendar, so it doesn’t look like you’re occupied when you’re not. QR codes can also be placed on workplace assets like hot desks, conference rooms, and office equipment and then scanned and booked through the Workspace app.


Interactive, Real-Time Floor Plans Showing Available Workspaces

Customized, real-time floor maps provide a convenient view of available meeting rooms at a glance. The floor maps are customizable and color-coded, and users can tap an available workspace to book on the spot. You can set it up so that only select workspaces are available for booking on the floor map in order to maintain social distancing.

Floor plans provide an easy-to-use, visual interface for booking meeting rooms and hot desks. You can even use the floor plan to determine where your colleagues are working in order to book a workspace in their vicinity for ease of collaboration.


Know Where You’re Going to Sit, Even in a Flexible Work Environment 

As your organization’s work environment evolves, it’s important to provide flexibility. Set up your workspace for success by revamping your seating strategy to allow for hot desking and other flexible work arrangements.

With a growing number of people working from home, it’s important to minimize the amount of office space while at the same time giving employees the ability to work at the office when they need to. Hot desking is helpful because employees can share desks by reserving them for use at different times. They can use the Workspace app as a hot desk management solution and book a workspace even before they arrive.

Give Employees the Tools to Manage Their Own Workspace Needs 

Let employees manage their own seating and room bookings with the Workspace Booking App. This app helps people self-organize and book meetings and workspaces according to their needs and schedule, so they can spend less time hunting for available meeting rooms and more time on the work that matters.

Before heading to the office, employees can use their smartphone or tablet to find an available workspace and book it on the fly. Users can also extend, cancel or modify their existing bookings while on the go with this mobile app at their fingertips.

The Workspace App by Add-On Products provides an easy way to coordinate meeting rooms and hot desks and instantly book a workspace when you need it. The app provides full transparency on available workspaces and empowers teams to manage their bookings by themselves, freeing administrative staff up for other tasks.

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