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Easier coordination and well-prepared meeting spaces at all times

in-house catering

Simplifying the booking of meeting spaces with catering services

Integrating a meeting room booking system in organizations with in-house catering is a practical and sustainable choice. It seamlessly coordinates meeting room bookings and catering services, streamlining the administrative procedures. Companies that centralize booking requests and catering arrangements reduce scheduling conflicts and their resource management is facilitated, resulting in timely catering service and well-prepared meeting spaces.

Ultimately, it optimizes resource usage, improves efficiency, and makes life easier for food service, facilities, and accounting personnel.


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catering for meeting

Catering to an agile workplace

Managing the canteen can be a challenge when catering to an agile workplace, aiming to enhance employee experiences, reduce food waste, and procure more sustainably.

Caterers in organizations face challenges like coordination issues, miscommunication, dietary tracking problems, and complex budget management.

The Challenge

Make order management easier, save time, and minimize errors

Companies using a meeting room booking system resolve challenges by synchronizing catering with room reservations, making coordination so much easier. It enables effective communication and tracking of dietary needs, simplifies financial management, and allows data analysis for better menu planning and resource use.

Operational efficiency and client satisfaction are enhanced by streamlining catering requests, aligning schedules, and tracking preferences.

Also, it is easy to generate reports that help discover tendencies, which can assist the canteen with considerations for purchases and making sustainable choices, ultimately benefiting finances, and making tasks easier.

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The Solution

Customers using Add-On Products’ user-friendly software solution can:

  • fast print order lists
  • create orders directly in Outlook®
  • enjoy easy invoicing
  • edit orders
  • activate deadlines to make planning easier
  • include automatic alerts, e.g. for overtime charges or changes
  • see easy-to-understand reports

… and much more

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catering for meetings

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