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Timesaving calendar management software

Our client-based Outlook group calendar Exchange Central provides a user-friendly overview of multiple Outlook® calendars as well as powerful scheduling, planning, and reporting tools that improve productivity. Anyone who works within a team, creates plans or books resources, will enjoy the benefits of Exchange Central from day one.

Group Calendar

Outlook team calendar

Exchange Central is an intuitive and user-friendly Outlook team calendar with cutting-edge features. It provides you with access to your team's calendar, thereby improving collaboration and communication between employees and different departments within your organization.

Exchange Central supports Microsoft 365/Exchange Online.

RealTime Service

RealTime Service

RealTime Service is an ”event-driven” data synchronization program for Exchange Central. RealTime Service ensures that Exchange Central is automatically updated with current information.

It eliminates the need for you to manually update your Outlook shared calendar, prevents double bookings, and ensures that the server doesn’t get overloaded, resulting in faster workflow.

Improve planning efforts with group calendars

Improve your planning efforts with our calendar management software

Having access to an Outlook shared calendar provides user-friendly overviews and planning tools can aid your team in successfully complementing daily tasks. Exchange Central saves your company resources and time by simplifying the planning process.

For instance, a project manager can obtain an overview of his team members’ schedules when booking meetings internally and with clients. He can create an an Outlook group calendar list consisting only of his team members involved in the project. Using the drag-and-drop function, he can assign tasks, schedule meetings without sending out meeting requests, and ensure that team members are available for meetings with clients. Sales managers can use Exchange Central to assign customer visits to sales personnel in their department as well as assign consultants to different projects.

Improve efficiency with group calendars

Improve your company’s efficiency

With Exchange Central Outlook team calendar at your disposal, you can improve your company’s efficiency by extracting statistics on how employees spend their time.

Please contact us for an estimate of how Exchange Central can save your company resources.

Outstanding communication with group calendars 

Improve internal communication

An Outlook group calendar improves internal communication by providing team members with an overview of each other’s calendars and planning tools that streamline communication.

For instance, when you book a meeting with colleagues in your department, you can attach an agenda or documents that attendees need to read before the meeting. Therefore, important meeting information is easily accessible instead of attached to a separate email.

Receptionit view

Receptionist view improves external communication

When receptionists are well informed, so are their phone requests. The receptionist is the first person whom visitors encounter.

With Exchange Central’s receptionist view, receptionists can quickly pass on the correct information to make visitors feel welcome and minimize wait time.


  • Get a user-friendly overview of your team's calendar
  • Easily schedule meetings with multiple colleagues
  • Directly book meetings with colleagues without sending out meeting requests
  • Group Outlook® calendars by location, department or even temporary group – your imagination is the only limitation
  • Customize your Outlook shared calendar and adapt it to your specific needs. For instance, if you’re a project manager, you can limit your view to your team members’ calendars for the duration of the project, booking meetings and tasks for them to complete
  • Timeline enables you to drag and drop appointments
  • Easily create advanced filters based on appointments using the filter guide
  • Determine which employees are busy doing what in the past, present, and future
  • Extract reports in Word or Excel that reveal how staff and departments in your company are spending their time
  • Register your own categories based on your company’s needs (e.g., vacation, consulting work) and give them a color code
  • Click on a colleague’s name in your Outlook team calendar to call or send an email
  • Easily print a complete list of all data, such as the emails, addresses, and phone numbers of Exchange users
Exchange central

Exchange central

Jens Erik RasmussenTOPNORDIC / ATEA Group, Denmark

“Thanks to Exchange Central our customers receive better service and we use fewer resources in serving them”

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