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Meetings are an inevitable part of doing business. They are time-consuming, but scheduling them shouldn’t have to be. At the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia Inc. (CCI WA), arranging meetings was troublesome prior to the implementation of Resource Central, Add-On Products’ meeting room booking system for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. CCI WA is a member-based, non-profit organization with approximately 300 staff members located across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. 220 of those staff members work at CCI WA’s head office in East Perth.

Before adopting Resource Central, CCI WA staff used a spreadsheet to arrange meetings and resources and the file frequently got corrupted. Employees spent far too much time going back and forth to set up meetings and it was tedious, to say the least.

In order to increase staff efficiency and productivity, the management team at CCI WA began exploring resource booking options on the market. Resource Central came highly recommended to them by their IT team, so they approached Add-On Products for more information. Resource Central enables users to quickly locate and book meeting rooms that suit their needs. It also allows users to determine when attendees are available, send them invites, and book extra services like catering or AV-equipment.

CCI WA’s Human Resources Manager, Paisha Cook, was impressed with the thorough initial presentation and online demo of Resource Central that Add-On products provided. Cook determined that Resource Central perfectly suited CCI WA’s meeting scheduling needs and that it was compatible with the organization’s internal systems, so she decided along with her team to implement it.

Streamlining Meeting and Resource Scheduling with Resource Central

CCI WA has experienced numerous benefits since setting up Resource Central to book meetings and extra services. Not only have they reduced the amount of admin time spent planning and scheduling meetings, they have also benefitted from the ability to generate customized reports, get a comprehensive overview of available meeting rooms and resources, and view statistics about resource utilization at a glance.

CCI WA has also appreciated the ability to accommodate meeting rooms that require special approval into their workflow with Resource Central. Furthermore, employees conveniently have access to up-to-date meeting schedules and can book meetings, anytime, anywhere, whether they are working in the office or remotely. Caterers, receptionists, and asset providers can also use the web-based interface of Resource Central to determine what their daily schedules will be. The ordering of both internal and external services is handled automatically, and invoices are generated and sent directly to service providers.

Mrs. Cook says that CCI WA’s experience with Resource Central has been so positive that they plan to use it in the future to manage their pool cars. Mrs. Cook is also interested in installing digital signs to display meeting schedules if their budget allows. CCI WA currently has a 24/5 support agreement with Add-On Products, so they can get support whenever they need it. CCI WA has been very pleased with Add-On Products’ strong customer service so far and looks forward to continuing to use Add-On’s user-friendly solutions.

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If your organization is struggling with meeting room and resource scheduling and seeks a solution that is compatible with its current IT systems, then contact Add-On Products. We’d be happy to provide you with a free online demo or trial, so you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and meeting scheduling headaches once and for all. More than 400,000 clients around the world rely on Add-On Products’ add-ons for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Contact us today for more information!


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