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Why You Need a Visitor Management System, Even If You Have a Receptionist


Receptionists have a huge impact on your business. They are the face of your company. Every person who walks through your door will meet your receptionist and form an opinion of your company based on that interaction. If you want to make a great first impression, welcome visitors in style by implementing a visitor management system.

If you have a receptionist working the front desk, you might wonder why you need to have a visitor management system. Visitor management systems aren’t meant to replace your hardworking receptionists—they are meant to help them. Such systems allow your front desk area to run more smoothly by automating the visitor check-in process and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Modern-day receptionists do a lot more than just answer the phone and greet visitors. They are often tasked with solving technical issues, offering concierge services, and providing additional support across the business. Receptionists play a key role in the office and help to ensure that your organization runs smoothly. 

To take full advantage of your front desk staff’s skills, it’s necessary to have a visitor management system that eliminates paperwork and frees up your receptionists so that they have more time to complete other tasks. A visitor management system is a valuable asset to your receptionist.


Automate & Expedite Visitor Check-In

Visitor management consists of greeting visitors, collecting and recording their data, and connecting them with the person or group they came to visit. In the past, this meant using a paper log book to record visitor names and their time of check-in and checkout. Modern visitor management systems allow receptionists to check visitors into a digital system, print out visitor badges, and notify staff with an automated email when their visitors arrive.

Automating visitor check-in gives your receptionists more time to carry out valuable activities for your organization. You could even set up a self-registration kiosk so that visitors can check themselves in. Self-registration kiosks and automated processes keep your reception area running smoothly while freeing up your receptionists to attend to other tasks. With a visitor management system, your receptionists will no longer be tied to their desks.


Enhance Security

Paper logs do not protect your visitors’ privacy because they leave their information out in the open for anyone to see. Digital check-in systems are superior to paper logs because they protect people’s privacy and make it a lot quicker and easier for organizations to identify who is in a facility. This allows you to determine who is in your building at all times, which helps to improve security and compliance.

To keep your building secure and streamline the visitor management process at your organization, consider implementing Resource Central by Add-On Products. Resource Central is meeting room booking software for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange that features a visitor management system.

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