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Why Project Managers Need a Resource Booking Tool


The Right Resources at the Right Time

Project management is all about managing tasks, timelines, and resources carefully. The discipline of project management has gained popularity in the last few decades due to its effectiveness in helping organizations complete tasks and successfully execute projects in a timely fashion. Although there are many things involved in planning and executing a project, time and resource management are critical to completing a project successfully.

The word, “resources,” refers to all resources required for a project, including human resources, financial resources, meeting rooms, equipment, and more. Resource allocation involves planning all of the resources required for a project so that you only utilize the resources required and you can ensure that the resources you need are available when you need them.

Companies have a limited budget for projects, so learning to work within a limited budget and allocate resources accordingly is an important skill for you to have as a project manager. A resource booking tool can help you reduce costs and save time by allowing you to book resources both quickly and easily.

Schedule Meeting Rooms

Resource booking software makes it easy for you to book meeting rooms anywhere in your company, even if they are in a different time zone or facility. The solution provides you with an at-a-glance overview of room availability by day, week, or month. It’s quick and easy to figure out if the room you want is available when you need it.

A smooth, easy-to-use meeting room booking solution helps to streamline work processes and avoid non-productive time. When you have a larger number of rooms at your office, it can be challenging to remember the capacity and equipment of each room. This is where a meeting room booking tool like Resource Central really comes in handy. You get to see detailed information about meeting rooms as you are booking them. You get access to layouts, images, and information about capacity, so you can find the perfect meeting room for your needs. Not only does this save you time and enhance productivity, it also helps your organization optimize the use of space.

Schedule Services

There’s more to scheduling a meeting than scheduling a meeting room. Ordering the requisite catering and audiovisual equipment is also important. Using a resource booking tool allows you to order services in the same software that you use to book your meetings. For example, Resource Central integrates with Outlook®, Exchange, and Microsoft 365, allowing you to book resources and order services directly through the Outlook interface. This means it’s already familiar and easy to use.

Ordering catering through a resource booking tool helps to reduce waste because when you cancel a meeting through the tool, it automatically notifies service providers and ensures that catering isn’t delivered unnecessarily. Any changes in catering requirements are also communicated seamlessly to service teams. Additionally, resource booking software makes it easy to order food and beverages according to special dietary requirements.

Schedule Resources in Different Locations and Time Zones

In today’s workplaces, more and more teams are distributed. This means that you often have to schedule videoconferences and calls across different time zones and locations. A meeting room booking system that integrates with Outlook® allows you to send meeting invites to attendees in their local time and provides you with an overview of the meeting rooms available across different locations so you can find a meeting room fast.

A quick, organized, and efficient meeting room booking solution can help you manage multiple meeting rooms and resources across many locations. Booking is done in Microsoft Outlook® as usual, so you don’t have to change up the way you do things already. To learn more about Resource Central and how it can help you streamline your project management and resource allocation duties, sign up for a free trial or free online demo today.

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