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Why More Companies Are Booking Meetings and Resources in the Cloud

Why More Companies Are Booking Meetings and Resources in the Cloud

Cloud-based meeting and resource booking solutions are fast becoming the number one choice for organizations in a wide range of industries. The benefits of using a cloud-based resource booking system are many. One of the primary advantages is the ability to book resources and check the availability of meeting rooms whenever, wherever. You can schedule nearly any resource, from meeting rooms, to audiovisual equipment, to vehicles , to hot desks. You can also book extra services from internal and external providers, such as catering.

Cloud-based resource booking software is an excellent option for companies in multi-user and multi-site environments because it brings everyone together and keeps them up-to-date. People worldwide can access resource booking systems in the cloud, as long as they have an Internet connection. This gives your company the agility it needs to remain competitive in today’s global economy.

Cloud-based resource booking software allows you to scale resource booking across multiple sites and time zones to keep up with future growth and maintain your entire workforce in sync. Resource booking software that generates comprehensive reports allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of resource utilization, so you can make informed business decisions.


Prevent Resource Scheduling Mistakes and Conflicts

Resource scheduling errors are a significant source of problems for many organizations. According to a Bookings go unused when people forget to cancel their room bookings and service orders when they cancel their meetings. This results in wasted space. Another study showed that businesses waste 4.8 hours per week scheduling meetings, and booking errors only exacerbate this problem.

These days, more and more teams are dispersed across multiple locations and work remotely, so having access to a cloud-based resource scheduling tool that is updated in real-time is crucial. With cloud-based meeting room and resource booking software, you can avoid double bookings, automate the cancellation of extra services when you cancel meetings, and ensure that your resources are utilized to their maximum potential .

Office space is the second highest operational cost after salaries. Cutting real estate costs is a great way for companies to save money. Successfully reducing real estate costs depends on collecting and analyzing space utilization data and then consolidating or repurposing space. Resource scheduling software can help you accomplish this by generating resource utilization reports that enable you to evaluate how office space is used and how often it remains empty.


Reduce the Costs of Meeting Room and Resource Booking

In most companies, employees spend far too much time trying to find available workspaces and resources. Every minute they waste directly impacts the company’s bottom line. Using an integrated, cloud-based solution for meeting room and resource booking from a single vendor will boost your company’s productivity and lower costs.

Moving all of your resource booking activities to a central, cloud-based application makes meeting scheduling a breeze, so you can quickly find and reserve meeting rooms. This increases staff efficiency, improves overall management, and reduces admin time and costs. All users need is a web browser to access cloud-based resource booking software – no expensive in-house IT resources or hardware are required. Using cloud-based meeting room and resource booking software will make a true difference in your daily operations, and ultimately, your bottom line.


Simplify Meeting and Resource Scheduling with Resource Central

Get a quick overview of your resources with Resource Central – a cloud-based meeting and resource scheduling system.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to book available space and resources at your company, check out Add-On Products’ Resource Central. A powerful, intuitive, and hassle-free resource booking solution, Resource Central integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange as well as Office 365. Organizations around the world rely on Resource Central to book meetings and order extra services straight from their Outlook® calendars. The software provides users with an essential overview of all available meeting rooms and attendees’ schedules, so they can book meeting rooms, invite attendees, and order extra services right at the point of booking quickly and easily . Also available is the Resource Central web booking app, which allows you to schedule meetings via tablets, smartphones, and other devices while you’re on the move. Contact Add-On Products today to schedule a free demo or free trial of Resource Central.

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