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White Paper: How Your Organization Can Benefit from Meeting Scheduling Software

White Paper: How Your Organization Can Benefit from Meeting Scheduling Software

What challenges do companies face each day when handling their meeting scheduling process? What are the benefits of a meeting scheduling software and what features should you look for?

To get the answers for these questions and more, read our new white paper with useful pieces of advice on how you can benefit from meeting scheduling software. Below you can read the key take-aways from the white paper.

Turn a Time-Consuming Task into a Streamlined Process

A growing number of companies are replacing manual, error-prone booking methods with meeting room booking software. Meeting scheduling software streamlines the meeting room booking process and enables staff to complete meeting arrangements instantly. Your organization as a whole stands to benefit from the implementation of meeting room booking software because meeting room management processes have a direct impact on your overall performance and financial standing.

Challenges of the Meeting Booking Process

Meetings are a necessary part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time spent arranging them. According to a study conducted in September 2010, business professionals spend 4.75 hours of a typical workweek arranging an average 8.9 meetings. With the amount of time that businesses spend scheduling meetings, they could take Friday afternoon off every week. Some other consequences of not using meeting room booking software include wasted time, scheduling errors, damage to employee morale and client perception as well as inefficient use of meeting rooms and resources.

The Solution: Meeting Room Booking Software

If you’re finding it difficult to book meetings and schedule resources in a timely and efficient manner, meeting room software may be just the solution you’re looking for. Meeting scheduling software streamlines the meeting booking and resource scheduling process by providing users with a complete overview of available meeting rooms and attendees. Users can order associated services, such as catering, seating arrangements, transportation, and audiovisual equipment, at the same time as they book meetings. Work requests are automatically sent to service providers, eliminating the need to fill out and send work requests.

Meeting room booking software replaces disparate systems with a single, easy-to-use solution that consolidates all activities related to planning and scheduling meetings. A meeting room booking tool brings various departments within your organization in sync and automates communication with meeting attendees and service providers. By tackling the complexities of managing meeting room bookings, changes, cancellations, and invoices, meeting room software lightens your staff’s workload and enables them to plan and schedule meetings with greater ease.

A number of significant benefits emerge when you implement meeting room booking and resource scheduling software, including the following:

• Save time.
• Prevent scheduling errors.
• Monitor meeting room usage.
• Streamline visitor management.

10 Things to Look for in Meeting Scheduling Software

Finding the optimal meeting scheduling software can be a difficult task. Below are 10 factors you could consider, when choosing your meeting room booking software:

1. Ease of use.
2. Anytime, anywhere access.
3. Established client base and support team.
4. Built-in reporting capabilities.
5. Real-time synchronization.
6. Scalability.
7. Ability to order additional services such as catering at the same time as booking a room.
8. Integrate with your company’s ERP system.
9. Visitor management module.
10. Customization tools.

When looking for a meeting room booking software, you should also take advantage of a tool that fits your current platform. This enables you to maximize your current software investment and get more out of the environment you’ve invested in today.

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