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What Services and Equipment Should You Order When You Book a Meeting?


Use the Right Services and Tools

As much as they are abhorred, meetings are vital to management and communication in the workplace. Properly planned and run meetings save time, boost motivation, increase productivity, solve problems, and help achieve buy-in. If you’re a middle manager, you probably spend about 35% of your time in meetings. Make that 50% if you’re in upper management.

Considering how much time we spend in meetings at work, it’s important to make the most out of this time by properly planning, preparing for, and running meetings. One important aspect of running a meeting is using the right services and tools.


Must-Have Audiovisual Products for Your Conference Rooms

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen is to book an important meeting, arrive a few minutes before the start time, and attempt to do your presentation, only to be faced with technical difficulties. Imagine a room full of people staring back at you while you fumble around trying to troubleshoot issues with your equipment. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you have all of your meeting rooms equipped with the right tools for the trade and that you have the ability to order the tools you need in advance when you book your meetings.

One piece of equipment you cannot do without is a 4K television. Having access to a large, shared screen is essential during business meetings and presentations. A 4K TV should be mounted to the inside of the wall.

If you hold meetings with more than 20 people, you will want to have a projector and potentially convert your entire wall into a movie screen. If you invest in a projector or 4K screen, you’ll also want to have a decent sound system to go along with it.

If you frequently have meetings with remote attendees, you might also choose to install microphones at various points along your conference table to ensure that remote attendees can hear everyone. Video cameras that point to the person who is speaking can also be beneficial for meetings where there are many remote attendees.


Book A/V Equipment and Other Products and Services with a Resource Booking Tool

If you don’t have certain equipment available in all of your meeting rooms, you might need to order them in advance of your meeting and have it delivered to your room. These items can be ordered along with catering and other extra services with a resource and meeting room booking solution like Resource Central.

As you book your meeting room and invite attendees, Resource Central allows you to order anything else you need for your meeting, such as food and refreshments, audiovisual equipment, tables and chairs, and technical assistance. You might also need help removing partitions to make a room larger or assistance with cleanup after a meeting. The order forms in Resource Central are built in HTML and can be configured according to your company’s needs, so you can customize them to allow your team to place orders for just about anything.


Schedule People, Equipment, and Other Resources with One Tool 

Resource Central is a meeting room and resource booking tool for Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, and Office 365. To learn more about how Resource Central can help simplify the meeting booking process, sign up for a free trial or free online demo today!

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