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What’s New in Resource Central: The New Add-In for Outlook


Add-On Products is pleased to announce the rollout of a new Outlook add-in to supplement the existing Resource Finder. The Outlook add-in can be used in Outlook 2016 and newer for PC and Mac. This is a major enhancement since Mac users were previously unable to use the Resource Finder. The Outlook add-in has a completely new look and feel and is integrated into the meeting booking screen/window. Below are some of the features you’ll find in the Outlook add-in.


Icons for Room Features 

Icons representing room features, such as podiums and videoconferencing equipment, can be added to Resource Central when it is configured. These icons are displayed in the Outlook add-in when you select a room, enabling quick visual recognition and making it easier to find a room with the features you need for your meeting.


Integration with My Meetings 

The Outlook add-in integrates with My Meetings, which lists all of the meetings for which a user has booked a resource. There have been no changes made to the functionality of My Meetings. Using My Meetings, it is possible to create new orders for meetings or change existing orders. You can also see which attendees have accepted a meeting, as well as add or edit attendees. In the Outlook add-in, the order form pops up inside the email window. The Outlook add-in can be deployed to target groups within your organization, such as Mac users.


Displays Attendee and Resource Availability with Color Coding 

When booking a meeting, users can quickly reference color coding in the Outlook add-in to determine whether an attendee is available at the time of the meeting without having to click elsewhere to check their calendar. Users can also quickly determine whether a particular resource is available with color coding. Simply click the calendar icon to see the availability of the selected resources and attendees in case you want to move your booking to another date or time.


Filter Out Resources That Aren’t a Good Fit

The Outlook add-in’s capacity filter automatically filters out meeting rooms that are too small for the number of attendees you are inviting to your meeting. This ensures that you are able to book a meeting room of the appropriate size while optimizing resource utilization. If you add or remove attendees in the appointment, the capacity filter is automatically updated in the add-in. You also have the option to set a default location and filter resources based on location, categories, and favorites as before. 

If you are looking for a more robust resource booking solution for both Mac and PC users in your organization, the Outlook add-in might be the right option for you. Users can open the Outlook add-in simultaneously with the Outlook Scheduling assistant. To learn more, sign up for a free trial or free online demo

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Thursday, 16 July 2020