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What are the Benefits of Room and Resource Scheduling Software?

What are the Benefits of Room and Resource Scheduling Software?

Meetings are a necessary part of business, but what isn’t necessary is the amount of time spent arranging them. According to a study conducted in September 2010, business professionals spend 4.75 hours of a typical workweek arranging an average 8.9 meetings. With the amount of time that businesses spend scheduling meetings, they could take Friday afternoon off every week.

Meeting booking woes affect businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. But the more meeting facilities a company has, the more complex planning and scheduling meetings becomes. The process of scheduling a meeting, finding available meeting rooms, checking the availability of attendees, and ordering extra services can be drawn-out and complicated without the right software for the task.

Not using room and resource scheduling software often result in the following:

1. Wasted Time

Manual processes for arranging meetings, such as phone calls, emails, and post-it notes, lead to a lot of back and forth communication, which is a major time killer that leaves a lot of room for error. Using a variety of different systems and procedures to book meetings and schedule resources also makes it impossible for users to get a quick overview of booked meetings and available meeting rooms.

2. Scheduling Errors

Organizations with complex, multi-step meeting booking processes typically use separate systems to book meeting rooms, invite attendees, order catering and other services, and register visitors. Scheduling errors occur frequently because information regarding the availability of a room isn’t always accurate or cannot be accessed at a moment’s notice due to a lack of synchronization between disparate systems. Moreover, changes and cancellations aren’t communicated immediately to meeting attendees and service providers. This could result in meeting rooms being double booked, attendees showing up to cancelled meetings, or catering being delivered at the wrong time or to the wrong meeting room.

3. Damage to Employee Morale and Client Perception

Without a cohesive, centralized system that provides a quick overview of meetings, meeting rooms, and attendees, meeting organizers end up relying on their own memory to keep track of things. Not only does this lead to mistakes, it also creates uncertainty and frustration among staff and visitors alike. Visitors will be left with a poor impression of your company if meetings don’t start on time, meeting rooms aren’t available when they’re supposed to be, or attendees don’t show up promptly to meetings. This can harm your ability to keep important projects on track and win new clients.

4. Inefficient Use of Meeting Rooms and Resources

Not having the ability to monitor and analyze meeting room and resource usage leads to inefficiency as well as higher real estate costs and energy bills. For example, you might be heating or cooling empty meeting rooms that aren’t in use or hosting meetings for five people in meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

Room and resource scheduling software can be the answer to complicated and time-consuming meeting booking process


The Solution: Room and Resource Scheduling Software

If you’re finding it difficult to book meetings and schedule resources in a timely and efficient manner, room and resource scheduling software may be just the solution you’re looking for. It streamlines the meeting booking and resource scheduling process by providing users with a complete overview of available meeting rooms and attendees. Users can order associated services, such as catering, seating arrangements, transportation, and audiovisual equipment, at the same time as they book meetings. Work requests are automatically sent to service providers, eliminating the need to fill out and send work requests.

Room and resource scheduling software replaces disparate systems with a single, easy-to-use solution that consolidates all activities related to planning and scheduling meetings. A meeting room booking tool brings various departments within your organization in sync and automates communication with meeting attendees and service providers. By tackling the complexities of managing meeting room bookings, changes, cancellations, and invoices, meeting room software lightens your staff’s workload and enables them to plan and schedule meetings with greater ease.

Important Benefits

A number of significant benefits emerge when you implement meeting room booking and resource scheduling software:

• Save time with a solution consisting of multiple functionalities.
• Handle all changes and cancellations automatically.
• Prevent scheduling errors with a system up-dated in real-time.
• Monitor meeting room usage and lower your real-estate costs.
• Streamline visitor management with e.g. guest registration.

Schedule Meetings with Resource Central

Add-On Products’ room and resource scheduling software for Microsoft Outlook® is a complete solution with the ability to book rooms and other resources such as hot desks. Using Resource Central, you can schedule meetings and order additional services, including catering, in 2 minutes. Resource Central is a full-scale solution with several features such as guest registration, meeting room management, and integration to service providers, ERP systems, and digital signage.

If you want to know more, please send an email to [email protected] for a free trial of Resource Central or an online demo.

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