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Visitor Management Solutions That Make Receptionists–And Visitors–Happy


Your reception area is literally and figuratively the doorway to your business. Clients and visitors form their first impression of your company when they enter your reception area, and first impressions can be hard to shake. From the way you greet visitors to how the whole visitor registration process is handled, your reception area’s workflow, or lack thereof, can make or break your reputation. Visitor management software helps to streamline the process of welcoming and registering visitors, so receptionists can focus on offering friendly, helpful service. 

Receptionists are often responsible for a number of different tasks in the office, from answering phones and emails to checking the mail and putting out fires of all kinds. Greeting and registering visitors is one of many important tasks that receptionists are responsible for. Visitor management consists of the collection and recording of visitor information, whether manually or with automated tools. A visitor management system automates manual tasks like printing visitor badges, recording visitor information, and alerting hosts. This saves receptionists time and frees them up for other tasks. 

A visitor management system also enhances your reputation. Using a modern visitor check-in solution gives a tech-forward impression to visitors. It also improves security at your office because you’ll be able to identify authorized visitors and know who is in your building at any given time.


Modernize Your Reception Area with a Digital Kiosk 

Digital kiosks are quickly eliminating the need for receptionists to spend so much time taking down visitor information. Self-service reception kiosks allow visitors to check in themselves. This saves receptionists time and also enhances your business’s reputation because it is user-friendly and has a sleek appearance. 

Even if the check-in process isn’t handled with self-registration kiosks, visitor management tools, like a pre-registration module, are very helpful for receptionists. With the pre-registration feature, meeting organizers have the ability to pre-register their guests in the system, so the receptionist just has to search for the visitor’s name in the system and then automatically alert the organizer of the visitor’s arrival with one click.


Quickly Print Visitor Badges with QR Codes

After the visitor’s registration has been confirmed, the receptionist can use the visitor management system to print out a visitor badge. The badge can be customized to display the information required by your organization. The badge could even feature a QR code so that it can be scanned. Furthermore, visitors with badges can easily be identified and quickly check themselves in or out.

Whether you have one or one hundred visitors a day, Resource Central will work for your reception area. You can automatically print custom visitor badges, instantly alert meeting hosts of their guests’ arrival, and give visitors the ability to check themselves in, among other features. Resource Central automates manual reception workflows, giving your receptionists more time and energy for the work that matters most.

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