Why It’s Crucial to Choose a Software Vendor That Offers a Maintenance Program

Why It’s Crucial to Choose a Software Vendor That Offers a Maintenance Program

Choosing the right software and vendor for your organization is an important decision. You have to pick a software vendor that will be with you for the long haul and not disappear after the sale. Software support and maintenance is an integral part of your software investment. The larger the investment or the longer you expect to have the software operational and in use, the more important it is to consider investing in a support agreement. 

 A support agreement is typically a service agreement where a customer is entitled to receive specific services for certain software for a specified period of time. A support agreement may be a fixed-fee, fixed-term agreement or an automatically renewed agreement. 

 When choosing new software for your organization, you want to be sure that the vendor you’re purchasing from is going to be able to provide you with the support and maintenance you need for years to come. With this in mind, look at how long a software vendor has been in business and how the company provides support. Do they have in-house support technicians or do they outsource support to a company that might have less knowledge of the product? 


Improve Performance and Correct Faults 

A maintenance program maximizes your software investment by ensuring that your software adapts to changing IT requirements. Furthermore, help desk support technicians provide quick assistance to your employees if any problems arise. You can also benefit from the product development work of the company because they will continuously work to improve the functionality and performance of the software. As part of a support agreement, you’ll receive new software versions and revisions. These software updates rectify errors, boost performance, and contain new or improved features. These upgrades often address issues reported by other users and can greatly improve functionality. 

Performing maintenance involves testing to uncover a problem and then fixing it without disturbing the rest of the system. Maintenance is essential to repairing the faults of a software program. Bugs may appear because of a change in hardware or bad code. A major repair may even be required if there is an advanced problem. 

Remote help desk staff provide diagnostic services and allocate resources to help resolve errors. Remote help desk support services are typically available during service hours specified in the support agreement and are accessible by telephone or email.


Keep Up with Changes in Technology 

The rate of advancement of technology in the software field is significantly higher than in other fields. This means that software companies have to be proactive about ensuring that their product remains up-to-date and relevant. Maintenance programs are part of an effort to keep up with changes and remain a step ahead. 

Different factors, like hardware upgrades, software platforms, and compilers, can all affect software. Maintenance increases the software’s lifespan, protects the software from security threats, and keeps the software up-to-date amidst changing circumstances. You can also avoid the cost of having to purchase new releases when they become available if you invest in a maintenance program. 

There is also a benefit to maintenance programs from a financial perspective. You gain control over your software expenditures by investing in a support agreement because you’re covered for software bugs and receive regular upgrades, so your overall software expenditure is reduced to a monthly or annual fee. This eliminates unexpected expenses and guesswork. 

Signing up for and renewing a maintenance program is the easiest and most cost-effective way to protect your software investment. An active support agreement ensures that you will have uninterrupted access to the latest updates, upgrades, and patches, as well as access to skilled support professionals by email or telephone. You can avoid outages that hurt productivity and will thus have the ability to focus on strategic business objectives. 

Add-On Products offers a robust maintenance program for our add-ons for Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Our maintenance programs are MP Standard and MP Gold. MP Standard lasts for 12 months and gives you access to all of a product’s updates and upgrades during this time. MP Gold also lasts for 12 months and provides access to our hotline with phone and email support. To purchase a maintenance program, you must have an existing license for a specific product. Contact Add-On Products today for more information. 



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