Top 7 Business Trends in 2017

Top 7 Business Trends in 2017

Now that we’re well into the New Year, it’s a great time to reflect on some of the things that will be shaping the business world in 2017. At Add-On Products, we’ve identified the following trends, which have broken out of their emerging state and are likely to have a broader impact in 2017 and beyond. 


1. Tightly integrated sales & marketing 

It has become crucial for your sales & marketing strategy to be tightly integrated since most customers are more than halfway through the purchase process by the time they speak with a vendor. When sales and marketing are aligned, revenues increase because salespeople understand prospects better and can effectively speak to their needs. 


2. Video is the future

Video is taking over marketing. Videos are engaging, easy to digest, and effective at satisfying users’ information and entertainment needs. By 2018, video will account for 79% of Internet traffic. Businesses that fail to include video in their marketing strategies will do so at their own peril. 


3. Improved collaboration tools 

Technology facilitates collaboration. The goals of using tools like team calendar software and resource booking software are to empower people to work when, where, and how they want and to help them share information and solve problems as quickly as possible. Working together, people are capable of achieving great things.


4. Going green 

Sustainability has become an attractive business strategy due to its favorable public sentiment. Not only is going green good for the earth, it’s also beneficial for your bottom line. Some ways in which businesses can be more eco-friendly include installing energy-efficient lighting, encouraging telecommuting, and going paperless. 


5. Recruiting with a work-life balance in mind

Today’s companies realize that driving employees into the ground isn’t a good long-term strategy. Instead, companies are making an effort to develop policies that improve employee well being and help them achieve a better work-life balance. 


6. Digital advertising will continue to grow

A study from eMarketer showed that digital ad spending surpassed TV ad sales in late 2016. While the TV advertising industry experienced a rebound in 2016, TV ad sales are expected to slip this year, while digital media sales will grow by 13%


7. Intelligent apps

Intelligent apps, such as virtual personal assistants, perform some of the functions of a human assistant to make daily tasks easier. There are also virtual customer assistants, which are more specialized, assisting with tasks like customer service and sales. These apps have the potential to transform the workplace as we know it. 

These 7 trends are just some of the things you should see making an ongoing impact in the business landscape in 2017. Add-On Products is helping to create more opportunities for businesses this year by combining technology and people. Our tools, which include the meeting and resource booking software Resource Central and team calendar software Exchange Central and WebTeam Central, are designed to save your team time, improve communication across multiple locations and time zones, and bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

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