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The MS Society of Canada Saves an Estimated $1.5 Million on Real Estate Costs, Thanks to Resource Central

The MS Society of Canada Saves an Estimated $1.5 Million on Real Estate Costs, Thanks to Resource Central

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (MS Society) is a non-profit organization based out of Toronto that provides services to people with MS and their families. They also fund research to find the cause and cure for MS. At their headquarters in Toronto, the MS Society long struggled to manage meeting room booking efficiently and sought a way to streamline the process. Before implementing Resource Central, the MS Society was using basic Microsoft Outlook® calendars to book meetings. However, the meeting booking process was tedious because they couldn’t get a quick overview of available resources. They also couldn’t determine the size or location of the rooms while booking.

In addition to searching for a solution to their struggles with meeting room booking, the MS Society was planning to transition to a shared work environment in order to lower their real estate costs and were looking for a system that could also help them manage shared workspaces. They wanted to eliminate fixed desks for employees and implement a hoteling arrangement, which involves providing employees with workspace on an as-needed basis. The MS Society sought a robust booking solution that would allow them to book these shared workspaces as well as meeting rooms. They looked at various options and finally settled on Add-On Products’ Resource Central meeting room and resource booking software because it was easy-to-use and cost-effective.


Familiar Interface and a High Rate of User Adoption

Staff members at the MS Society were nervous about switching to a new booking system but they found the transition to Resource Central to be smooth. They love how easy it is to use and how familiar the interface is since it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®. Users are now able to get a quick overview of available meeting rooms, order extra services like AV equipment and catering, automatically send invoices to service providers, schedule and book shared workspace, generate reports on resource utilization, and more.


From fixed desks to hot desks

Using Resource Central has enabled the MS Society to move nearly 100 staff members from fixed desks to shared desks at their head office in Toronto. Little training was required to get users up to speed and the adoption rate was high.

After implementing Resource Central and transitioning to a flexible work arrangement, the MS Society was able to reduce its office space in Toronto by 25%, saving an estimated $1.5 million over the life of its lease.

The MS Society’s implementation of Resource Central has been a success. Ressource Central is now also being used at the MS Society office in Burnaby, British Columbia. Expanding the software to new locations is simple, as it is a highly scalable solution. The MS Society’s National Board of Directors has been so impressed with the results the head office has achieved with Resource Central that they’re planning to follow the same model at their other offices.

Want to try Resource Central and experience its cost-saving benefits at your organization? To sign up for a free trial or online demo, contact Add-On Products today.

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