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Streamline Call Center Booking with a Group Calendar

Streamline Call Center Booking with a Group Calendar

Many companies use internal call centers and service desks to set up appointments with new and existing customers. For instance, a bank may use its service desk to schedule meetings between customers and financial advisors.

It is essential for call centers to use a group calendar that displays employees’ schedules in real-time, so their representatives can easily schedule appointments. A group calendar that integrates with Microsoft Outlook® gives call center and service desk staff the ability to book an appointment directly in an employee’s Outlook® calendar.

Benefits of Using a Group Calendar at a Call Center/Service Desk

Let your call center or service desk easily schedule appointments with clients and customers

A shared group calendar provides a user-friendly overview of multiple Microsoft Outlook® calendars, making it possible to view employees’ schedules at a glance and quickly find the right person in the right location. A centralized team calendar gives call center agents the ability to maintain a real-time connection to all employees’ schedules and availability. Call center representatives can categorize group calendars by location, department, or temporary group and schedule appointments in real-time.

Although all call center representatives take appointments centrally through a single database, they do not necessarily need to share an office if you use a web-based group calendar. They could work from multiple locations and even at home because a web-based group calendar that integrates with Outlook® puts all of the info they need to plan company-wide appointments right at their fingertips. With additional configuration, call centers can make it so that confirmation emails are sent to customers and employees with whom an appointment is scheduled. A group calendar that integrates with Microsoft Outlook® offers the added benefit of being quick to implement. Training costs are also low and fast user adoption is achieved since it works within the familiar Outlook® environment.

Time is money in any business, and scheduling appointments in a call center can take a considerable amount of time if it’s not carefully managed. Group calendars offer a fast and efficient experience for both call center staff and customers, enabling call center agents to deliver top-notch customer service and spend less time on the phone. All employees’ schedules in multiple locations are readily available for call center agents to view, so they can quickly find the right employee and schedule an appointment.

Integrate a Group Calendar with Your Company Database

Some companies may also benefit from using a group calendar that integrates with their company database. For instance, this integration is useful when a customer calls the call center/service desk to arrange a meeting with an advisor. During the call, the call center employee can ask the customer to provide his name, zip code, and account number. Using a group calendar tool will allow the employee to quickly locate the right department or advisor who should be booked for the meeting in the company database. Apart from being a time-saving solution, this enables the company to provide excellent customer service.

Improve Your Call Center’s Efficiency with Exchange Central and WebTeam Central

Exchange Central and WebTeam Central are group calendar solutions for Microsoft Outlook® that streamline the process of scheduling appointments at a call center. Call center agents can view employees’ timelines to quickly determine whether they are available and then use the drag-and-drop function to schedule an appointment. A group calendar may help organizations decrease the amount of time call center agents spend on the phone and free up staff for other tasks. For more information about Add-On Products’ group calendar solutions, send us an email for a free online demo of Exchange Central or a free online demo of its web-based counterpart, WebTeam Central.

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