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Make Informed Business Decisions with Resource Utilization Reports

Make Informed Business Decisions with Resource Utilization Reports

The effective management of resources is an essential task for any organization. It’s crucial to efficiently organize and allocate personnel and equipment, as well as avoid idle resources. Knowing the extent to which your company uses its resources is vital to effectively managing costs and smoothly executing projects. 

Resource utilization reports show how, where, and how much of your resources are being used. A recent study by Accenture showed that companies need access to timely, in-depth insights if they are to remain competitive globally. Resource utilization reports help companies turn raw data into actionable insights. 


Understand the Utilization of Every Resource 

Resource utilization reports, such as those generated by Add-On Products’ tools like Resource Central, WebTeam Central, and Exchange Central, can be used to track how staff and departments in your company spend their time, or how rooms and workspaces are utilized. Examples of questions that reports can help managers answer include the following: 


• Which workspaces are over-utilized? 

• How can we improve resource utilization rates? 

• Are late cancellations preventing meeting rooms from being used to their full capacity? 

• Can we turn this meeting room into office space? 


Reports give you a bird’s eye view of your company’s resources and their current utilization rates, so you can understand how resources are being used and accurately engage in resource planning. Managers can identify which resources are being over- or under-utilized or determine which tasks are taking up most of their employees’ time, gaining powerful insights into their businesses. 

With resource utilization reports, you can also uncover where there is demand for resources that exceeds capacity. Owing to the visibility that these reports provide, you can determine when it’s necessary to obtain additional resources. 

People are often among the most important type of resource for companies to track, but you can generate reports about other resources as well, including meeting rooms, hot desks, and equipment. You can use standardized reports out of the box, or customize reports to meet your company’s specific needs. 


Improve Decision Making 

All businesses need to understand how their resources are being used in order to utilize them optimally. Getting access to the right type of utilization data in a timely manner is essential to helping business executives make better decisions and improving operational effectiveness. Simply put, resource utilization reports give managers a clear picture of how a company is performing at an operational level. Businesses can also forecast future requirements with the help of utilization reports.

Having the ability to gather and retrieve information that is easily analyzed is important to managers. Resource utilization reports provide concise, timely, and useful information that business executives can use to make informed, strategic decisions. 

Add-On Products’ resource booking and calendaring tools for Microsoft Outlook® generate both standardized and custom reports. Our comprehensive reporting tools equip you with the data you need to understand how your business is operating in real-time and gives you insight into your future staffing and resource needs. Our resource utilization reports allow you to understand important metrics without the need for spreadsheets or other tools. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo today and we’ll be happy to show you what our reporting tools can do for your company. 


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Thursday, 16 July 2020