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Resource Scheduling Software: More Than Just Meeting Rooms

Resource Scheduling Software: More Than Just Meeting Rooms

When most people think of meeting room and resource scheduling software for Microsoft Outlook®, reserving meeting rooms is usually what comes to mind. However, you can use your resource scheduling software to book far more than meeting rooms. Resources that you could book include cars or hot desks. If you have company cars, for instance, employees can book them as transportation between locations.

Your imagination is your only limitation when using resource scheduling software. You can use it to book virtually any resource you want, from bicycles to cars. Resource scheduling software also allows you to book necessary services when you schedule resources. For example, you can order catering while booking a meeting room, or order a parking spot when reserving a car. By managing the entire resource scheduling process with your meeting room software, you can streamline the planning process. Resource scheduling software puts resource scheduling in your control, so you spend less time juggling resources and more time focusing on important tasks.


Boost Productivity with Resource Scheduling Software

It’s crucial to give your staff the ability to easily schedule the resources and services they need, so they are freed up to fulfill other responsibilities. Resource scheduling software increases your staff’s productivity by taking the fuss and confusion out of booking resources, such as the following:

  • Cars
  • Meeting rooms
  • Hot desks
  • Projectors
  • Laptops
  • Etc.

There’s no longer a need to book resources in a separate program from your meeting room software. You can do it all in resource scheduling software that integrates with Microsoft Outlook®.


Order Extra Services from Internal and External Providers

Ressource Scheduling Software

Resource Central eliminates bottlenecks by empowering users and streamlining their workflow. Using Resource Central reduces costs because it ensures that companies use resources and services in the most optimal way possible. For example, service providers are notified of any scheduling changes, helping to eliminate issues like wasted catering. Using Resource Central also optimizes a company’s meeting room utilization rate by preventing meeting rooms from going empty.

Order forms are fully customizable, so you can tailor them based on the meeting room, building, location, country, available resources, etc. Resource Central also integrates with ERP systems, enabling you to easily complete the order-to-invoice process for both internal and external invoices. The user interface of Resource Central is intuitive, so both service providers and meeting organizers adapt quickly to its use.


Efficient Resource Management Translates into Increased Revenue

Resource scheduling software allows you to accurately plan resource management and make the most of your real estate and equipment. Generate reports regarding workspace utilization, resource utilization, and extra service orders to identify patterns, uncover opportunities for improvement, and forecast requirements. Analyzing asset utilization with your resource booking software helps you maximize corporate assets and keep meeting costs down.


Discover Add-On Products’ Powerful Room Scheduling and Resource Scheduling Solution

Looking for meeting room scheduling software that allows you to book resources and services simultaneously? Resource Central is meeting room and resource scheduling software that fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook®. Resource Central provides a seamless booking process within Outlook® calendars, ensuring a high user adoption rate. It allows for the comprehensive management of resources, such as meeting rooms and all meeting-related services and resources. Resource Central also has a web app that allows you to book resources via smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Resource Central today!

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