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Reduce Time Spent Booking Meetings and Focus on Activities that Boost Your Bottom Line

Reduce Time Spent Booking Meetings and Focus on Activities that Boost Your Bottom Line

The true currency in business is not money, but time. Although time is a scarce resource, it’s not always managed wisely in the business world. Hours each day are spent on phone calls, emails, teleconferences, and meetings. The act of scheduling a meeting is often a time-consuming endeavor in itself, involving things like finding an available meeting room, inviting attendees, ordering audiovisual equipment, arranging tables, ordering catering and other extra services, and sending invoices to service providers. To make matters worse, scheduled meetings are frequently postponed or canceled. The meeting organizer may notify attendees but forget to free up the room and cancel the extra services, so the meeting room ends up sitting empty and unneeded catering services are delivered and paid for.

When trying to drive their bottom lines, many companies focus on revenue growth but not enough focus on cutting costs. Without constantly looking for ways to lower costs and increase efficiency, companies can end up wasting time with inefficient processes and unnecessarily incur bloated overhead costs. No amount of money can reclaim the hours lost with inefficient meeting room booking processes.

The time squandered on meeting planning and scheduling takes a toll on your organization’s profits. For example, in a sales department, every hour spent organizing meetings takes away from time spent with customers, which ultimately hurts your sales efforts and bottom line. One of the keys to minimizing the time spent on meeting planning and making it as quick and efficient as possible is by arranging meetings with meeting room booking software. Meeting room software streamlines the booking process and prevents staff from wasting time searching for vacant meeting rooms. According to research firm Webtorials, by reducing workers’ unproductive time by 25%, businesses could yield an extra six weeks in productivity each year, per employee.

The effectiveness of your company’s meeting room management directly impacts its financial standing and performance. Managing meeting rooms efficiently helps you save time and money in numerous ways. Effective meeting room management can indirectly boost your company’s bottom line by giving people a strong, professional impression of your company. A well-managed meeting booking system will speak volumes to visitors and clients. This ultimately helps your brand flourish and increase sales.

Meeting room booking software also improves resource utilization in your organization. Reports summarizing how your meeting rooms are utilized can help you determine where you can cut costs. You can review these reports to evaluate how you can optimize your existing resources.


Save Time and Eliminate Booking Hassles

With meeting room booking software, you can establish a smooth, automated booking process that requires little effort from your personnel. The software supports you throughout the entire booking process. If you need to book a meeting, the software’s intuitively designed interface displays available meeting rooms that meet your requirements at a glance. You just have to pick a room, invite attendees, and order the services you want and the software will do the rest.

Meeting booking software will send invoices to service providers and handle all cancellations automatically if you decide to change the meeting time. By automatically cancelling bookings, you can free up unused meeting rooms for others to use. Meeting room software creates an interconnected environment where everyone from service providers to meeting participants are fully informed and prepared.


Optimize Your Meeting Room Management Process with Resource Central

What if you could have significant time each day to focus on the tasks that really matter? You can do that by overhauling your meeting room booking process with Resource Central and reducing the amount of time required to manage and schedule meetings. Resource Central is meeting room booking software by Add-On Products that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®. With its user-friendly interface, Resource Central will be adopted quickly by your personnel and help your organization manage meeting booking more quickly and efficiently. Contact Add-On Products today to set up a free trial or demo.

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