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Order Catering from Internal and External Service Providers with an Add-In for Outlook®

While many event scheduling systems allow you to book a meeting room and take note that catering will be ordered, you need complete resource booking software if you want to create and send service orders to caterers. Resource Central is a meeting room and resource booking add-in for Microsoft Outlook®. In addition to letting you search for and booking meeting rooms across multiple facilities in your organization, Resource Central also allows you to order extra services, like audiovisual equipment, IT requests, and catering. Best of all, you can order services from both internal and external providers.


How It Works

When you book a meeting in Resource Central and order catering, order receipts are automatically sent to catering personnel. Service providers can view and print the orders. Resource Central automatically handles all changes and cancellations, so the service provider doesn’t have to make note of them. This eliminates problems like catering being delivered for a canceled meeting.

You can customize the order forms in Resource Central based on your specific needs. For example, you can specify exactly which types of orders will be associated with a particular meeting room, building, location, or country. You can set up menus and item lists. You can also add descriptions, pricing, delivery rules for each item, and other kinds of information, such as cost, department, and project.

Resource Central can be integrated with your company’s accounting system to manage the order-to-invoice process from start to finish. The software has an intuitive interface, making it easy for meeting organizers as well as catering providers to use. Using Resource Central to book meetings helps to reduce your meeting budget by enhancing your team’s productivity and enabling you to book meetings and resources quickly.


Benefits of Working within a Single System

While it’s possible to use one system to book your meeting rooms and another to order catering, it’s best to use an all-in-one system for several reasons. For one, using a complete system that allows you to book meetings and catering at the same time saves time and increases efficiency. With Resource Central, you can book a meeting and all extra services in just two minutes. Using the same system to book meetings and catering also minimizes errors because you can be sure that schedules are accurate and up-to-date. Resource Central integrates directly with the Exchange Server, so there is no need to wait for synchronization or interfacing delays.

Most of your personnel are probably already familiar with Microsoft Outlook®. Since Resource Central integrates with Outlook®, you don’t have to start from scratch and get acquainted with a new system. There is a short learning curve because the user interface mirrors that of Outlook®. Resource Central can be used at a single facility or across multiple sites.


Order Catering for Meetings with the Help of Resource Central

Manage every aspect of a meeting or event with Resource Central, a user-friendly resource booking add-in for Outlook®. With Resource Central, you can find available meeting rooms, book catering, and order other services with the same tool. You can also generate resource utilization and catering reports to ensure that you’re using resources and services in the most efficient way possible. For more information about Resource Central or to give it a try in your organization, sign up for a free trial or free online demo today!

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