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Optimizing Video Conferencing in Your Organization with a Support Desk Dashboard


Video conferencing is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traveling for in-person meetings. It is also much more effective than communicating via telephone in many situations because it allows you to connect visually with the people you’re talking to, demonstrate products, and actually see what you’re discussing.  

Although video conferencing cannot replace face-to-face interaction, it is the next closest thing to being there in person. During a video conferencing call, you can see people’s facial expressions and body language, which leads to more effective collaboration.  

Video conferencing allows organizations to communicate with colleagues and clients across the country or around the world. The advantages of using video conferencing include decreased travel expenses and a reduced carbon footprint. Videoconferencing also helps participants stay more focused on what is being discussed, while it is easier to get distracted by other things on the phone or instant messaging platforms.

Now that we’ve established what the benefits of video conferencing are, let’s discuss ways to effectively implement video conferencing at your organization. If you’re looking for a way to streamline video conferencing scheduling and support at your organization, it’s helpful to have a service desk or help desk serve as a single point of contact. Add-On Products’ resource booking software Resource Central includes a support desk dashboard that service desk or help desk agents can use to manage video conferencing. 


What Resource Central’s Support Desk Dashboard Does  

Resource Central’s support desk dashboard displays a task list. These tasks consist of all videoconferencing orders that have been placed at the organization. Once a user requests a video conference to be set up, that order is sent to service or help desk staff via email and displayed in the support desk dashboard in Resource Central. The support desk dashboard displays all future orders. This means that if a user books a video conference that is to take place in three weeks, it will immediately become visible to service desk staff on the dashboard, so they can set it up in the video conference system.

The support desk dashboard is a dedicated and centralized system for managing the videoconferencing workflow and to-do list at your organization. If meeting organizers cancel or move their appointment, service desk staff are notified via email and the task appears in the dashboard. Service desk staff also have the option to change the conference room where the meeting is to take place, directly from the dashboard.  

Videoconferencing is at the core of your organization’s efficiency and opens up opportunities for collaboration. Resource Central’s support desk dashboard for video conferencing enables service desk staff to efficiently manage and schedule video conferences throughout your organization. The system keeps service desk staff informed and empowered with email updates and an easy-to-use interface.

Resource Central is designed to work the way you do, streamlining resource booking and video conference management processes. To learn more, sign up for a free trial today!


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Thursday, 27 February 2020