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How to Optimize Workspace and Enhance the Employee Experience with a Workspace Management Solution

How to Optimize Workspace and Enhance the Employee Experience with a Workspace Management Solution

Workspace management software is a resource scheduling tool that is designed to help organizations efficiently manage meeting rooms, desks, and services, like catering and video conferencing. With workspace management software, you can ensure the optimal use of existing workspace and streamline the booking of meeting rooms. Workspace management solutions also support flexible working initiatives and mobile workforces by allowing for the booking of hot desks. 

By giving you the ability to manage resources across multiple locations and time zones, workspace management software facilitates the booking process and lowers operating costs. An Outlook® integrated solution for room and resource scheduling unifies workspace management.  


Get Access to Real-Time Data 

One of the most beneficial features of workspace management solutions is their comprehensive reporting features, which enable administrators to evaluate workspace utilization data at a glance and make informed business decisions. These reports allow you to closely monitor workspace utilization and track resource usage. You can identify how often and how long workspaces are used and by whom. 

Once you understand which resources are frequently used and which resources are going to waste, you can better understand your company’s space requirements and plan and manage real estate costs more effectively. Real-time reporting helps you improve the way your company works. 


Find and Book Workspaces with Greater Ease 

Workspace management solutions simplify the process of searching for, selecting, and reserving resources like desks and meeting rooms. You can find exactly the kind of workspace you need, filtering your options based on room type and capacity. When you search for workspaces, only available rooms or desks are displayed, so double bookings are easily avoided. 

Be sure to seek a workspace management solution that also comes equipped with a visitor management module. Visitor management is important because it helps you identify and track visitors who come to your workplace. A visitor management system prints visitor badges and automatically notifies hosts when visitors arrive. Visitor management modules largely handle the visitor registration process for receptionists, freeing them up to focus on other tasks. 

Workspace management solutions can also be integrated with digital signs so that users can book workspaces directly from digital signs. This makes it easier to manage no-shows and book available meeting rooms directly from meeting room signs. Digital meeting room signs display meeting room and event schedules and have a touch screen that can be used to book, extend, or cancel meetings.  Nowadays, workspace management solutions are also accessible via mobile devices, so employees can book a meeting room and workspace while they’re on the go. 


Maximize Workspace with Resource Central 

Get more value out of limited workspace with the help of Add-On Products’ solutions. While Microsoft Outlook® has always been an effective tool for meeting booking, it has its limitations. Add-On Products offers Resource Central, a resource booking solution for Outlook® and Exchange that allows you to book meeting rooms, hot desks, and extra services like catering and audiovisual equipment in a matter of minutes. 

In addition to simplifying the booking process, Resource Central offers real-time reports that help you evaluate your company’s workspace utilization rates, so you can use available space more effectively and productively. Resource Central integrates seamlessly with Outlook® to deliver a streamlined, user-friendly booking experience. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Resource Central today. 


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