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Optimize Room Utilization and Facilitate Booking Cleanup with a Booking Manager


Every day, employees are tasked with finding meeting spaces, scheduling meetings, and inviting attendees to these meetings. Seamless meeting and resource management is essential to optimal workplace performance.  

Effective meeting room management improves productivity and boosts morale while at the same time portraying a positive image to visitors at your facility. By centrally managing your meeting rooms and resources in real-time, you can improve resource usage and optimize both the employee and visitor experience.


Hassle-Free Bookings with the Booking Manager in Resource Central

Resource Central meeting booking software by Add-On Products is essentially a one-stop shop for booking meeting spaces, equipment, and related services on Microsoft Outlook®. It is accessible from any desktop or laptop and also from a tablet or mobile device when you’re on the go. It’s updated in real-time, so users always have access to the latest information. Resource Central comes equipped with a Booking Manager, which is a great tool for meeting coordinators, receptionists, and other members of your team who are responsible for reserving rooms, scheduling meetings, and ordering additional services, such as catering.   

The Booking Manager makes it easy for users to move a meeting to another room, delete a room reservation, bump a meeting to a different room, or inform meeting organizers of room changes. When a user moves a meeting in the Booking Manager, it is also moved in the host’s calendar, so all attendees are automatically notified of the change. Automating changes in this way makes it a lot simpler for meeting organizers to modify meeting schedules, which is always bound to happen as circumstances change. When users bump a meeting from a meeting room, they have the ability to move it to another room. If they don’t provide another room, the meeting will not be deleted from the calendars of the organizers or attendees, but the organizers will need to find another meeting room.  

Booking cleanup is another useful feature of the Booking Manager. Booking cleanup refers to the abilities you have in the Booking Manager to delete or move meetings previously booked by employees who have left the company, gone on leave, or otherwise don’t need to have the meeting in their calendar anymore. This allows you to clean up the bookings of users who are no longer going to use the resources, so you can free those resources up for others.


Optimizing Resource Utilization and Meeting Booking with Resource Central  

With Resource Central, users can easily reserve meeting rooms and additional services, whether on a mobile device, Outlook, or touchscreen digital sign outside of a meeting room. Users can quickly find available meeting rooms that have the right features and then schedule meetings and invite attendees in a matter of clicks. Say goodbye to double bookings, interrupted meetings, wasted resources, and confusion about meeting schedules when you have Resource Central at your fingertips.  

Get in touch with Add-On Products today to schedule a free online demo or sign up for a free trial of Resource Central.



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