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Multiroom Ordering: What Is This Feature and What Benefits Does It Offer?


Since the release of Resource Central 4.0 Service Release 2 back in 2017, the Resource Finder has a feature called multiroom ordering. As its name suggests, this feature allows users to book multiple rooms and order catering and other services for each resource in just one step. Each selected room has its own tab containing an order form. 

The multiroom ordering feature is excellent to use when you need to book multiple meeting rooms for an event or meeting. For example, the feature comes in handy when you need to book a videoconference between meeting rooms in two different locations. The multiroom ordering feature allows you to order catering in both locations without having to involve others in the process. The order form conveniently pops up inside the email window, so you don’t have to open another program and initiate an additional booking process.

The multiroom ordering feature includes a shared order form, allowing meeting organizers to order both a video teleconferencing connection and catering using the same form. When you’re in My Meetings, multiple orders are grouped by reservation and orders so each resource can be viewed and deleted individually.  

If you’re working in an office that has multiple locations, maybe even in different time zones, then having access to the multiroom ordering feature is crucial. The multiroom ordering feature allows you to book meeting rooms in multiple locations simultaneously, which is helpful if you’re planning video conferences and virtual meetings that involve personnel in more than one location. This enables you to schedule meetings without having to coordinate with meeting organizers in other locations or create multiple bookings. This simplifies the process and prevents mistakes and double bookings from taking place. 

To learn more about multiroom ordering and other beneficial features of the meeting room booking system Resource Central, contact us today to sign up for a free trial or free online demo.

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Thursday, 27 February 2020