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Why a Mobile Workforce Is a Happier One

Why a Mobile Workforce Is a Happier One

There is no question that mobile working is shaping up to be a major trend. Previously, employees had no other option but to remain at their desks and in their offices for most of the day. Computers and file cabinets held all of the information they needed to do their jobs, so they worked in a central office environment.

Mobile technology has transformed our workplaces. The workforce has become more mobile and is now distributed across many locations. You can pretty much work when and where you want, as long as you have access to an Internet connection and a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.

Not only do mobile workforce solutions enable remote workers to stay on top of things, they also allow staff in the office to stay abreast of everyone’s schedules and whereabouts. Workers in and out of the office can remain in sync because they have access to real-time information, including up-to-date group calendars and schedules. 


The Benefits of a Mobile Work Environment

Studies have shown that having the ability to work while on the move or from home makes employees happier and more productive. Working at home allows people to avoid long commutes and prevents them from being tethered to their desks for the entire day. According to a two-year study conducted by the University of Southern California and London Business School, 66% of employees would occasionally like to work from home and 64% would like to have the option to shift their work hours.

Providing workers with the tools they need to remain productive outside of a traditional office setting allows companies to achieve greater efficiency. Mobile devices enable managers and employees to complete various tasks remotely, such as set up meetings, send emails, complete reports, manage to-dos, share files, or attend video conferences. This means that they can remain productive, even while they’re traveling or have a bit of downtime throughout the workday. Mobile solutions also provide workers with real-time access to valuable data, so they can keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and be more responsive.

Mobile technology eliminates wasted time. Staff can spend otherwise idle time completing small tasks, turning downtime into uptime. Prior to mobile technology being available, workers who were traveling on business, for example, would have been unable to do anything while waiting for a flight at the airport. With the tools available now, employees can optimize their productivity and take care of business whenever, wherever.


Companies Are Embracing Mobile Solutions

A study by Cisco showed that 60% of assigned desks or offices sit empty during the day. Companies are questioning the value of having everyone in the same place to work. Although a mobile workforce is far from being the norm in today’s corporate world, more and more companies are beginning to embrace mobile solutions.

Although employee happiness isn’t usually a top corporate objective, not taking employees’ well being seriously can negatively affect your bottom line. Happy workers are more productive. High engagement levels among the workforce are directly tied to performance, creativity, and innovation. Employers with a mobile workforce benefit from lower overhead and real estate costs as well as improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

As organizations compete fiercely to attract talent, it has become crucial to answer the call to adopt mobile technologies and create a more flexible work environment. By leveraging mobile devices and mobile enterprise applications, employers can empower their workforce, increase satisfaction, and boost retention rates.

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