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Migrating to Microsoft 365? Learn How to Manage Meeting Rooms and Resources More Effectively

Whether you’re working in your office or remotely, using Microsoft 365 comes with many benefits. Microsoft 365 is like the familiar on-premise version of Microsoft, except it is in the cloud. It allows you to work anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device, including a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

If you are migrating to Microsoft 365, why not streamline the meeting planning process by implementing a complete meeting room and resource scheduling solution as well? Migrating to Microsoft 365 enables you to continue using the same suite of tools from Microsoft that you know and love. In addition to being a fully functional email application, Microsoft Outlook® comes equipped with a calendar function that allows you to book meeting rooms and schedule meetings. Microsoft Outlook® is a convenient place to set up meetings since all of your contacts, calendar, and tasks are stored there.

Add Rich Functionality to Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange with Resource Central

Add features to your scheduling process with Resource Central, which allows you to plan complete meetings. This includes ordering additional services such as catering and equipment, like a whiteboard with pens, or AV equipment, in one step.

While Microsoft Outlook® is an excellent scheduling tool that works well for basic meeting room reservations, many organizations can benefit from a robust solution with more features. The meeting room and resource scheduling tool Resource Central supports Microsoft 365, allowing you to streamline the booking process in your organization – even if you are planning to migrate to Microsoft 365.

Resource Central provides you with more than the standard meeting room booking functions offered by Microsoft Outlook® and Exchange. Some features Outlook® doesn’t have that you can get with a complete meeting room booking system like Resource Central include the following:

  • Order catering and other extra services when you book a meeting
  • Book resources, like laptops, audiovisual equipment, and cars
  • Book shared workspaces, hot desks, and huddle rooms
  • Improve visitor management with visitor badges and barcode scans to keep track of registered visitors
  • Generate reports about resource utilization and meeting room usage
  • Integrate with digital signage software to display meeting schedules on meeting room sign


Go beyond the basics of meeting scheduling by investing in a tool that does it all. Scheduling meeting rooms, people, and equipment is now easier than ever before. You can quickly determine when attendees are available as you book meeting rooms because our meeting room software for Microsoft Outlook® displays attendee schedules along with meeting room and resource calendars.


Resource Central supports Microsoft 365 / Exchange Online

Resource Central allows you to view all available meeting rooms side by side. In addition to providing you with an overview of all available meeting rooms at any given time, Resource Central shows important details about each meeting room, including selected images, floor plans, and maximum capacity. When you use meeting room booking software for Microsoft Outlook® to order extra services like catering and IT services, order receipts are automatically sent to service providers. This makes things faster and simpler for you.

A System That’s Immediately Familiar to Microsoft Outlook® Users

Migrating to Microsoft 365 and using meeting room software for Microsoft Outlook® instead of a completely different meeting room booking system is beneficial because your employees are already familiar with the interface. When you use Resource Central, you continue to have access to all of Outlook’s features while being able to tap into a richer meeting and resource scheduling functionality. All schedule changes in Resource Central are synchronized with Microsoft Outlook® in real-time.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with Resource Central

With Resource Central, you can instantly book a meeting room, invite attendees, and order extra services all at the same time. You can finally say goodbye to double bookings and other meeting booking problems when you have a tool like Resource Central at your disposal.

Using meeting room booking software for Microsoft Outlook® allows you to stay on top of all of your meetings and scheduled tasks. Resource Central supports Microsoft 365, so you can schedule meetings anywhere, even on the road. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo of Resource Central today!

Combine Resource Central with our Workspace app that allows you to book hot desks, huddle rooms, and meeting rooms directly from your mobile device. Search for available workspaces that fit your criteria or use color-coded floor plans. Sign up for a free online demo of the Workspace app today.

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