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5 Benefits of Using Digital Meeting Room Signs

5 Benefits of Using Digital Meeting Room Signs

Printed meeting room signs have become outdated. These days, businesses are using digital signs to display meeting schedules and point meeting participants in the right direction. A digital sign is a sleek and innovative way to keep employees and visitors clearly informed of meeting times and locations. Interactive touch screen displays serve as an all-in-one solution for meeting room management. Below are the top 5 benefits of using digital meeting room signs.


1. Display up-to-the-minute meeting room Schedules

Using digital meeting room signs allows organizations to display up-to-date meeting room schedules because they are connected to your company’s meeting room software and are updated instantly. From just one computer, a person could update the meeting schedules displayed on digital signs throughout a facility.

Digital meeting room signs can also be used to display important real-time information to event participants. For example, if a meeting room can no longer be used due to malfunctioning equipment, meeting organizers can easily update the information on meeting room signs and redirect attendees to a different meeting room. The ease of updating digital signs is one of their major advantages over traditional paper signs.


2. Eye-catching displays enhance company branding

Digital meeting room signs provide a lot more than just schedules. Their displays are sleek and attention-getting. The screens can be customized to match your company’s colors and branding. They create a positive impression of your company to visitors and employees. They can also be used to post alerts and announcements.


3. Make bookings and start and end meetings right outside of the meeting room

People can use interactive digital meeting room signs with touchscreens to book, start, and end meetings right outside of meeting rooms. The screens are directly linked to your company’s meeting room booking software. This does away with the need for employees to go to their desks to schedule or cancel a meeting. Having the ability to instantly book a room allows employees to set up meetings on the fly.


4. Manage no shows

If no one shows up for a meeting, the meeting room doesn’t have to sit empty. Digital meeting room signs can automatically release a room if no one checks in, freeing up the space for others to use.


5. Prevent booking mistakes

You can prevent meeting conflicts by ensuring that people know exactly when a room is booked and by whom. This eliminates the issue of double bookings. Meeting hosts also have the option to end a meeting early or extend it if a meeting is taking longer than anticipated and the meeting room continues to be available.


Learn More About Digital Meeting Room Signs

Add-On Products offers Digital Sign Service a user-friendly and hardware independent digital meeting room sign solution that enables employees and visitors to stay abreast of the latest event and meeting information. Users can also book meetings directly on meeting room signs with Digital Sign Service. Contact Add-On Products now to arrange a free trial or free online demo of Digital Sign Service.

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Thursday, 02 July 2020