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Enjoy the Convenience and Increased Efficiency of a Meeting Booking Solution

Enjoy the Convenience and Increased Efficiency of a Meeting Booking Solution

To ensure that operations run smoothly, it’s important to be able to schedule meetings with ease and know when and where you have meetings booked at all times. Using a dedicated solution to find meeting rooms, book meetings, invite attendees, and manage workspace can increase the efficiency of your organization. 

For most companies, Microsoft Outlook® is the email platform of choice. Many companies also use Outlook® to book meetings and keep track of meeting schedules. Outlook® cannot be treated as a standalone solution for booking meeting rooms, but with the addition of a room booking add-on, it can be transformed into a complete system for booking meetings, workspace, and other resources. 

A meeting scheduling solution for Outlook® improves communication between staff and simplifies the meeting booking process. You can check the availability of meeting rooms at a glance and book instantly. Meeting room booking software is a centralized source of detailed information regarding meetings. It automates invites and notifications, eliminating the need for meeting organizers and attendees to email one another to confirm meeting details. 


Avoid Booking Errors

No more room booking conflicts and errors. A meeting booking solution provides automated reminders and notifications of changes, so staff members are alerted of scheduled events and cancelations. 

If a meeting is canceled, the meeting room that was booked is freed up immediately and attendees and service providers are notified. This reduces wasted resources and ensures that meeting room usage is maximized. Meeting rooms don’t remain empty due to no-shows and are instead made available so that others can use them.   


Book Everything Together

Using a single platform to book meetings, order extra services, invite meeting attendees, and manage visitors is a lot more convenient. You can get a quick overview of available meeting rooms and resources at your facility, book the right meeting room for your needs, and order audiovisual equipment, refreshments, catering, etc. 

Staff members can learn to book meetings with little to no training because the interface of an add-on solution for Outlook® is familiar and integrates seamlessly with the Outlook® platform. There are no additional logins or platforms required. Users can simply schedule their meetings and book their preferred meeting rooms right within Outlook®. As your organization grows, you can easily add rooms and resources to the software and scale it to manage growth. What’s more, an add-on meeting booking solution for Outlook® requires little ongoing support from your IT department. 

With room booking software, scheduling meetings across different locations and time zones is simple. This creates a stress-free experience for users, who can quickly set up videoconferences and conference calls among users in multiple locations without having to coordinate between several different systems. 


Analyze Workspace Utilization Data and Manage Visitors 

Meeting room booking software also offers key intelligence on space and resource utilization. You can determine how meeting rooms are being used and whether they’re being utilized to their full capacity. This allows business leaders to make strategic decisions informed by workspace utilization data. Visitor management modules are also included in many meeting booking systems, so receptionists can register visitors, print visitor badges, and automatically notify hosts when visitors arrive. 


Gain Powerful Meeting Scheduling Capabilities with Resource Central 

Not having a single system for scheduling and managing meetings can be a hassle. By using Microsoft Outlook® and an add-on room booking solution for meeting and resource scheduling, you can achieve the flawless execution of meeting planning and scheduling while retaining the familiarity and convenience of Outlook®. You’ll have the ability to book meetings, order extra services, generate resource utilization reports, manage visitors, and so much more. Contact Add-On Products today to sign up for a free trial or free online demo of our resource booking tool, Resource Central! 


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Saturday, 06 June 2020