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How to Maximize Office Space and Empower Workers with Hot Desking

How to Maximize Office Space and Empower Workers with Hot Desking

Hot desking is an innovative and cost-effective working arrangement that allows employers to accommodate today’s increasingly mobile workforce. Although many office workers enjoy having their own personal territory at the office, the truth is that desk occupancy rates rarely rise above 50%. This means that employers are tying up real estate costs in unused space. As an increasing number of companies give their employees the option to work from home or move from one location to another, fewer desks are needed in the office on a regular basis. 

In addition to helping companies trim costs, hot desking creates flexible seating that encourages collaboration and the spread of ideas. It makes companies less divided and puts workers in close proximity to people from different teams or departments. However, hot desking is about more than just desks. In order to support a hot desking arrangement, it’s necessary to provide workers with technology that gives them the ability to do their jobs anytime, anywhere. When they come to the office, employees need access to physical spaces that allow them to be productive. They also need effective communication tools and services. 


Increase Employee Well-Being and Satisfaction 

It’s crucial to consider the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. Some people work well alone, but most people thrive when they work with others. The concern with moving from desk to desk is that employees could feel disconnected from their colleagues and this could affect communication. It’s really important to take steps to prevent employees from feeling disconnected from the company or job by equipping them with the right technology and setup. 

In addition to software that enables communication and collaboration, such as resource booking software and team calendar software, it’s important to give employees access to the right hardware. You will likely need to invest in more laptops, tablets, and smartphones to accommodate mobile working. 


Provide Different Types of Workspaces, Layouts, and Seating

When implementing a hot desking strategy, it’s important to consider infrastructure. Think about how different users will need to work. Some staff might need to drop by in the morning or afternoon to check their email or make phone calls. Other staff members might need to have a space where they can stay focused all day and get their work done. Others might need a space where they can hold meetings or collaborate with their colleagues. In most cases, your employees will need to do all of these things at different times of the day or during different phases of a project. 


Get Started with Hot Desking

Hot desking can save you space and lower costs. With the right hardware, software, and infrastructure in place, as well as a proper strategy, hot desking can achieve its full potential. 

Add-On Products’ Resource Central resource booking software allows you to book hot desks. This can help your organization attract top talent, improve work-life balance, increase employee productivity and satisfaction, and lower real estate costs. Sign up for a free trial or free online demo today! 


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Saturday, 06 June 2020