Manage All of Your Digital Signage from a Centralized, Web-Based Dashboard


Gone are the days of having to go to each of your digital signs to manage their content individually. With Digital Sign Service’s latest update to version 4.0, it is now possible to manage all of your digital signs remotely from a single, centralized location. Whether you have 5 screens or 500, Digital Sign Service’s new admin interface will allow you to conveniently manage your digital signs from a web-based dashboard. A dashboard is a central location where you can access, analyze, and interact with information in order to make data-driven decisions and manage and configure the content for a network of digital signs from one place.

Dashboards update in real-time and allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on with your digital signage network. At a glance, you can quickly tell which of your digital signs are online or offline with the heartbeat feature. This eliminates the need for employees to have to visit each sign to check on them. You can also configure your digital signage content in just a matter of clicks, such as by deploying a new layout you created to a group of displays simultaneously.


See the General Status and Connectivity of Your Screens  

The online dashboard displays valuable metrics that enable administrators to monitor the performance and usage of their digital signs. For example, you can view the following data about daily activity on your dashboard: 

  • Extended reservations
  • Ended reservations
  • Meeting no-shows
  • Number of devices


You can also access a template editor from the Digital Sign Service dashboard, enabling you to design custom templates for your network of digital meeting room signs. These custom templates can be branded with e.g. your company’s logo and colors. Using a dashboard to manage your digital signage also creates user accountability because it allows you to track exactly what content was uploaded to which device and by whom.


Sign Up for a Free Trial or Free Online Demo of Digital Sign Service

Contact Add-On Products, or your local reseller, today to get a demo and a personalized quote based on the number and type of displays you want.

  • We provide you the displays with pre-installed software
  • We include mounts for either wall or glass walls – you physically mount the displays and connect them to the network (all displays have PoE for power through network cable)
  • We will have our Professional Services team remotely configure the server software for you
  • All you need to do is point the software on the displays to the server URL (we use Microsoft Graph for integration with Exchange / Office 365)


Yes, it can be that effortless to implement a meeting room booking solution!

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Sunday, 05 April 2020