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Make Your Real Estate Work Harder for You with Efficient Meeting Room and Workspace Management


Do you know which spaces in your office are underutilized? Do you understand where work actually happens? More often than not, workspaces are unoccupied and conference rooms are not used to their full capacity. According to space utilization studies conducted by Herman Miller, private offices remain unoccupied 77% of the time and workstations remain unoccupied 60% of the time. Understanding how your workspace is currently used is the first step in improving resource utilization and increasing efficiency.  

Eco-friendliness and flexible work are just some of the trends driving the use of workstations and meeting rooms across a wide range of industries. Mobility has become more important over the years, as an increasing number of employees work remotely or have flexible working arrangements. Smaller meeting spaces are often more useful than larger meeting spaces. This could be because many teams are blended, with both remote and onsite members, therefore some attendees call in and less space is needed.  

Rooms with technology, such as smart boards, are also important to facilitate meetings. Open, collaborative workspaces are gaining popularity as employees seek to socialize with their colleagues rather than work in isolated cubicles.


Analyze Resource Utilization Trends with Robust Reporting  

There are a number of factors that go into improving space utilization in your office environment. Having access to room and resource utilization reports is crucial because it can give you hard data about how your space is currently is being used and give you insights into which spaces are under- or overutilized.  

You can visualize when, why, and by whom meeting spaces are being utilized. For instance, you might determine that small groups of employees are using larger meeting rooms to conduct meetings because certain technology is not available in the smaller meeting rooms. By equipping smaller meeting rooms with the right technology, you can improve resource utilization.  

You might also determine through reviewing resource utilization reports that much of your workspace goes unused because there are many employees who work from home on a regular basis or who are frequently on the road. By switching to flexible seating arrangements, such as hot desks, you can free up workspace and achieve considerable savings on real estate expenses.

Data from resource utilization reports can help you determine how many conference rooms you actually need, where the conference rooms should be located, what technology is required, what seating capacity is required, etc.


How to Make Your Workplace More Efficient With Meeting Room Booking Software 

There are numerous benefits associated with providing effective workspaces and managing them more efficiently. These benefits include the following: 

  • Reduce real estate costs
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Help attract great employees
  • Lower energy usage
  • Support remote workers and flexible work policies
  • Lower energy usage
  • Maximize the use of space
  • Boost employee morale


To maximize effectiveness, it is important that your workspaces support the type of work that you are doing in them. The spaces should also be used to their maximum capacity and value.  

Using a meeting room booking system can help you improve resource utilization and maximize productivity. Resource Central provides workspace utilization data that can help inform business decisions. Meeting rooms and resources can be booked anytime, anywhere via a web app or mobile device. Room availability is visible at a glance when you create a booking, and floor plans and information about room capacity are easily accessible.   

Conference room signs can also be implemented, allowing people to book rooms for ad-hoc meetings on the spot and free up meeting rooms that appear booked on the calendar but were abandoned by no-shows. All bookings from digital signs and web or mobile applications feed into a central database and sync up with Outlook, so everyone’s calendars are always up-to-date.  

Real estate is likely one of your organization’s highest expenses. For more information about Resource Central and how it can help your organization use meeting rooms and workspaces more efficiently and lower real estate costs, contact us to set up a free trial or free online demo.

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Wednesday, 08 July 2020